Text and array manipulation functions in Excel



We are thrilled to share with you the availability of 14 new Excel functions designed to help you more easily manipulate text and arrays in your worksheets.  


Text manipulation functions

  • TEXTBEFORE – Returns text that’s before delimiting characters  
  • TEXTAFTER – Returns text that’s after delimiting character 
  • TEXTSPLIT – Splits text into rows or columns using delimiters 


Array manipulation functions

  • VSTACK – Stacks arrays vertically  
  • HSTACK – Stacks arrays horizontally  
  • TOROW – Returns the array as one row  
  • TOCOL – Returns the array as one column  
  • WRAPROWS – Wraps a row array into a 2D array  
  • WRAPCOLS – Wraps a column array into a 2D array  
  • TAKE – Returns rows or columns from array start or end  
  • DROP – Drops rows or columns from array start or end   
  • CHOOSEROWS – Returns the specified rows from an array  
  • CHOOSECOLS – Returns the specified columns from an array   
  • EXPAND – Expands an array to the specified dimensions  



Read the blog and give these a try!



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