stop auto-hide the tab on the left while editing notes

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I'm using OneNote(beta) for Android tablet in the landscape mode. Whenever I tap a note to start editing, the left panels (including one column of notebook list, and up to two columns of tabs) will auto-hide towards the left edge of the screen. This is annoying to me, as I need to frequently swap between tab to tab.


On the contrary, when I use the updated OneNote windows store apps version, it will only auto-hide the notebook list panel, but keep the tab lists available on the left of the screen, This is a perfect setup for me, as this balance the screen real estate and the convenience of note tab management.


Please, can you also make the Android version of OneNote behave consistently with the Windows store version? Or at least give us user an option to choose whether we want to hide the tab columns or not? That would be super useful to boost productivity. Thanks!

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@dancbeean001 got it, we have added your ask for selectively collapsing panes, and shall prioritize implementation appropriately. Thanks for your feedback, keep them coming :)