Quick Access filters in Office Mobile for Android



Kumar Snehansu, Product Manager on the Office Mobile team is excited to announce the availability of Quick Access filters in Office Mobile on phones and tablets! This feature can help you increase your productivity while customizing Office on your device so it works best for you.


Locate your content easily with Quick Access filters


We’ve heard you! We know that you’d like to navigate your Office app more efficiently, especially when it comes to accessing your content. Quick Access filters provide you with easy navigation and personalization options, helping you locate your content more quickly.


With Quick Access, you can utilize multiple filters to view different content types. Some filters, such as “Recent,” “Shared,” and “Opened,” help you find specific content based on your interactions with it. You can also use filters such as “Word,” “Excel,” and “PDF” to easily filter by file type. Finally, you can personalize your home screen by adding, removing, and organizing these filters.


How it works


1. Open the Office Mobile app and locate the Quick Access options at the top of your home screen.






Find out the rest here in the blog post!



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