PowerPoint Crashes when adding a Mentimeter.com slides

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Hi, y'all,


[Case #:1037109034]


I've been trying to create a presentation on PowerPoint and use an add-on to create interactive polls - Mentimeter.com. However, when I try to present the slideshow from the very first slide and it reaches one of the two Mentimeter.com slides - it crashes and restarts. It does not show the slide on my Windows 10 device.


However, I tried the exact same presentation (file) on a different Windows laptop and it works fine. Unsure if it is my version of PowerPoint or the Mentimeter.com add-on that's causing this issue. The file is saved on OneDrive as it is shared between myself and one more person. The restarting issues only happen on my laptop when opened through the PowerPoint App. When I try to load the file online via OneDrive - the slides appear but are not as interactive as when they are downloaded.


Can you help?

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