Pasting text in newest OneNote for Mac has big delays (even "Please Wait" dialog!)


Newest OneNote for Mac pauses w/a "Please Wait" window whenever I paste anything! This is on a latest-generation Macbook Pro. Frustrating and messes up automations that I use all day :(.


Verified this happens on both Intel + Apple silicon Macs, and that it does NOT happen on version 16.57. Please fix! 

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I'm running into the same issue. Not certain when it started occurring; however, it is extremely frustrating. This is killing my workflow.

I am on OneNote release 16.58 (22021501). This is occurring on my MacBook Air (M1) and my MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Pro.

Please fix this!!!!

I will be checking if there is a way to downgrade to 16.57.

Still happens in 16.59 [beta] :(

Let me know if you figure out how to install 16.57
Hi Aaron. Thanks for the information regarding 16.59 [beta]. I'll update this thread if I can a method to install 16.57. ~jeff
In case any Microsoft folks are reading this: at least in 16.59 beta, the delays happen with pasting of text that was copied from OneNote itself. Surprisingly seems to be OK pasting from another application.

@Aaron Green I'm on 16.58 and have exactly the same behavior, copying within OneNote has massive delays, copying from 3rd party apps has none at all.

16.60.22030903 still has the bug :( :(
16.60 (22031302) still has the bug :(

It's fixed in beta version 16.60 (22032100)! Thank you! 🥳


HOWEVER, the problem with pasting occasionally failing still happens :(