Outlook for mac image error

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Since the 2 last new update (i'm currently in 16.63 build 22060600), my outlook fo mac can't display all images :

- in my signature

- when i send email with image

I made some test with old or new look but same result. i checked also the policy that avoid to download image automatically and this is not that (especially. for sent email).

I had a question mark in place of the image. And the receiver had the same.


When i try to create my signature i have directly th error after copy/paste the image also.

SO i think there is a disruption in the image coding and html issue.


Do you think it's known by dev team ?




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I have the same issue with 16.63 build 22060801

The Outlook blue question mark issue.

@PancrasP juste received the same version and still have same issue. The support team(and dev team) knows the problem and try to solve it. I don't know when

@BeLemFr thanks for the update - this has been a very frustrating morning as i always send screenshots to colleagues and clients to explain certain issues :)

16.62 - same issue with the blue question marks for any image I try to send. My signature has an image, which was working last week, and stopped when I got 16.62 (22060500) 3 days ago (work and home computers). This can be seen by simply opening the the email I created in the sent items folder. All sent images come out as a box with the blue question mark.
Good news, the issue gone. With the same release of outlook (no change). Maybe the issue was located under office365 account and not Outlook. Same to you ?
Just Installed 16.63 (22061204, tested the new version and all my images are are visible again!