OneNote New Beta Build Now Available 16.0.11328.20002


Hi Everyone, we have refreshed the beta build to version 16.0.11328.20002.

- Search improvements
     - Search keywords are now highlighted in search results list as well as on the page
     - The page when opened from the search results would automatically move to the first hit
     -  Find in page functionality
- Sync UX (Message bar) improvements
     - Describes the error better
     - Tells when was the page last synced
     - Provides a call to action. (e.g. Button to sign-in for auth error)
     - Allows to sync from the message bar in case of intermittent errors
     - Allows to dismiss certain message bars
- Bug fixes and improvements

Please upgrade and relaunch the app to see new features.
We have pushed the build to GP, but it might take a few hours to reflect in the play store. Once available, please upgrade to this build and let us know if you encounter any issues. . We would also appreciate any feedback around these changes.

New users: Please follow the instructions given under "About community" section to get the latest beta build.

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I am not registered with the same mail Adresse Herr as in the Android stor, ist this a problem for getting the beta updates
best response confirmed by Nakul Ashok (Microsoft)

@kurtsoeser  That is perfectly ok , you will still get the beta updates through your registered google account on android. This forum is for your conversations and feedback to the product group.

Nope, the Android beta program and this community are separate.