Not possible to join Insider channel

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Hi all,

i try to join the insider channel on my new MacBookAir but i can´t to search for updates.

In all office apps the Button "Search for new updates" are missing and in the MicrosoftAutoUpdate the apps also not listed.

The Office Apps were distributed by Intune, is it possibly because of that? Do I still need to create a config that changes the plist? If so, which one or how should it look like?




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What subscription do you have for Office 365? Is it a Family/Personal or Business subscription?


Hi Evan,

it is a Business subscription. We use the Office E3 Plan with some additional subscriptions.


The Mac ist managed by the MDM-solution Intune.

Hello @ice89,


Please try the steps listed on this page




Hi @Evan_Bolin ,


I know the instructions but by reading them again I got a little hint.

So far I have downloaded the apps from the AppStore, but the PLIST only works for apps that were installed via a pkg.
Is there also a solution for the apps from the AppStore? So to get the AppStore Office Suite into the Insider Channel?
For the pkg version I have done it now :)






Apologies, if you downloaded the apps from the Mac App store, you will not be able to join the Office Insider program. To join the Office Insider program, you have to download the apps directly from Microsoft. More details here.