Make Orbe accesible from lockscreen / facewidget

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Hi everyone! 

When I put the onenote orbe on a old samsung J5 marshmallow couple of months it was so so nice to access it without unlocking my screen. Laser fast adding, perfect to catch ideas on the spot. I could add ideas while walking, during conversation, or while watching movie without appearing so impolite with such speed - no time for my surrounders to complain!


So it was such a disapointment to see that this not seems to be avalaible on android 10 with a new samsung a02s I just bought :( 


Would you please consider that request? Also... what happened?  Is there anything possible to tweak that around switching from OneUi to microsoft launcher (I already tried with no success) Or maybe I missed something but I looked up on forums and google with couple of keyword with no result...


The rest is so great, please maintain the amazing work!

Last: this quick access was the tipping point from me to switch from evernote to onenote.





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