laggy and jumpy s-pen on new Galaxy Tab s4

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Screenshot_20190225-193153_Google Play Store.jpgthe pen was working great until earlier today when I'm writing with the s-pen the screen lags what is captured with the pen.  If I don't panic... the text eventually appears behind me.  it just started acting up.  its a new tablet with very few apps loaded.  


also i was two-finger panning and this artifact got stuck and wouldn't clear until I left onenote for awhile and came back and the text rejoined it appropriate segment. 




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@James Frey 

Ink shifting is a long standing issue which is still under investigation.
But the lag is not something that is expected.

Is the lag consistent for you even after killing and relaunching the app?

@pratipsarkar  Thanks for your reply.  The laggy/jittery s-pen behavior is gone.  If it returns I will do some more debugging regarding background apps, etc.    

@pratipsarkarI think the developers dont care about this bug anyway. I've been waiting a fix for so long and after more than a year it's still there. Every stable (and also beta) release comes with "bug fixes" but which bug was fixed ? Writing is one of the core features of OneNote and if it doesnt get much love from developers, no hope for this app

@James Frey I was able to clear this up by emptying the cache under App Info in Android. 


Settings>Apps>OneNote>Storage>Clear Cache


<App Switcher button/Gesture and tap app icon>Storage>Clear Cache


Hope this helps.