Font stopped working in PowerPoint

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I have a PowerPoint presentation that I was working on for months with an embedded font called Roc Grotesk Wide Medium. All of a sudden the file would not open and I get the message:


"This presentation cannot be edited because it contains one or more read-only embedded (restricted) fonts. To edit the presentation you must remove the restricted fonts, or you can open the presentation as read-only.


Read-only embedded fonts included in this presentation:

Roc Grotesk Wide Medium"


A support representative recommended reaching out to the font developer, which I did, and now I have purchased an updated license for the font and installed it on my computer. The message continues to show when I try to open the file and no Office program will display the installed font on their font lists. I've tried everything but cannot resolve this issue. The font is an OpenType file with embeddable permissions. I am running Mac Monterey v 12.3.1 and PowerPoint 2019 v 16.60


Please advise!

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