Enable Developer Options in Microsoft 365

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Dear all,

I just bought a family plan for Microsoft 365.


I'm creating a presentation with PowerPoint and trying to embed a form directly without opening Forms. Then I want to Live Present this presentation.


The problems are:


  1. I'm unable to find the FORMS ribbon in the INSERT tab.
  2. I'm unable to find the Live Presentations ribbon in the PRESENTATION tab

So I tried to enable it from Developer options, but I can't see even the Developer options. 


I'm struggling because I'm feeling that I have a very poor version of PowerPoint!


Please, give me some suggestions,

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A little update: I was able to show the Live Presentation ribbon, but I'm still not able to show the Forms ribbon inside PowerPoint 365.

SO THE QUESTION IS: there's a way to make a Live Presentation and a Poll inside PowerPoint???

Thank you,