Cannot directly save opened document

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Screenshot_SmartSelect_2019-02-18-13-36-15.pngAs you can see, I cannot directly save opened documents. I only can only save a copy, but of what use is that, when i cannot save it directly. Directly saving is utmost important for me, because i open files in my favourite cloud service, and by directly saving the file gets automatically updated by my favourite cloud services. And of what use is it, to have documents just on tablet and not on pc? So this is a frequent use case and yes, i want to use my favourite cloud service.


At the moment i use officesuite  but wtf, how can a third party app do this better than microsoft itself? wtf. Please fix that problem, it's crucial as many people don't just work with tablet, but also crossplattform with pc on their documents.

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Fellow Word for Android user here. What device. What version of Android, and what version of Word are you using? Maybe I can duplicate this on my tablet.

Hi Murat- one way you can do this is save you documents on one drive for consumer and work across devices. Editing on phone is free after you sign-in but tablet (>10.1') would require O365 subscription for editing.

Also, another way to do that is adding your favorite cloud place in Word app. You can find that in Open tab --> Add a place. We support multiple cloud sources.  Hope this resolves your query.