JPG artifacts on Groups logo/avatar


I've gotten some feedback from colleagues that they don't like how when you upload an image for the Group's logo that it get really dithered with JPG artifacts. Is this something others are seeing? Anything MS will be addressing?

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@Christophe Fiessinger, can you weigh in here?


I don't see much of this but would like to know more.  Will you add an orignal image as an attachment to this thread so I can try it out here?



Here's the original.  Note that this group was created as part of a Planner setup.


Thanks.  I'll create a bug report.

I think the Set-UserPhoto cmdlet is used to set a photo for a group and it has always been the case that a 48x48 pixel graphic is best... and if a larger one is used, then some downgrading can be expected as the JPEG is adjusted to fit.

So, the image is downsized to 48x48 (with obviously a low quality JPG setting), then gets upsized to 100x100 to display in the web UI for groups?

I think I am wrong about the 48x48 size. That came from some original notes from 2014. Testing it again, I was able to add a 300x300 pixel JPEG photo to a group and that looks quite good. And when I look at chapter 9 of Office 365 for IT Pros, I find the same recommendation.... so that size seems to be the sweet spot. Try it and see!

Fair enough. I tried uploading that large Office logo posted elsewhere in the thread. It looks a bit better adding it via the "edit group" interface in Outlook Online (vs. in Planner where it was originally added) but it's still pretty dithered. Only marginally better.  Try it out...