Group SP Site (Group image/logo Not Updating)

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We have several groups we are working with, all have had a group image applied, but the Group Image doesnt seem to propogate to the connected SharePoint site (just get the colored background with two letters).


Should the image populate automatically, or is this the expected behavior and SharePoint Site logos have to be manually set?  

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@Brent Ellis,


I've seen this a couple of times as well. I'm not sure what causes it but I wonder if it could be something is simple as different limitations on the image.


So for example within outlook an image needs to be of a certain size whereas the SharePoint site can handle a different image size/format.


I have seen this sometimes too...bur Today when creating a new group and adding an image in one of my tenants, it worked well...I used a 312 x 312 image just in case it helps

I can confirm that this is happening for me as well. But for only 1 group. 


I created 2 groups through Microsoft Teams at the exact same time. 1 group took the image, 1 did not. I used the same 512x512 image for both. 


The image shows up in Outlook (both web and app), Teams, but still not working for that 1 group in SharePoint. 


Hopefully I can get our IT guys to open a ticket and get back to you guys. 

Did you use a JPG or a PNG?
jpg in that particular case

Hi @Brent Ellis ,

We're having the same issue and I've already created a support case.

I'll have to wait until Jan 26th 1pm to give you final response though, since there is supposed to be a 72h window in some cases (I doubt thats totally correct).


We've managed to figure out a workaround in some cases, though this mostly worked for new Office 365 groups, but not already existing ones.

Connect to Exchange Online through powershell and change the image, though make sure you use this URIconnection parameter to support high-res images.


$credential = Get-Credential
Import-Module MsOnline
Connect-MsolService -Credential $credential

$exchangeSession = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri "" -Credential $credential -Authentication "Basic" -AllowRedirection

Import-PSSession $exchangeSession -DisableNameChecking

this worked for most of my groups.


I'm in the situation where I have


  • old groups, with new icon everywhere except sharepoint and sharepoint home
  • new groups with new icon everywhere except sharepoint and sharepoint home
  • new groups with new icons everywhere except sharpoint home (it's there at the teamsite, just not on sharepoitn home)


There are definitely some issues going on with Sharepoint Home and to be honest this all started last year, when Microsoft introduced new code and messed up the color accents on SharePoint home. Every since then I've had search cache issues, group icon issues, and so on.

Next response, though very unsatisfactory:


I’m glad that the solution provided worked in you case as well.

Unfortunately, the root cause analysis of the issue is out of support boundaries. If you’re interested in the root cause analysis you need to open a payable ticket at

We can wait until tomorrow in order to see if the rest of the group’s pictures will be synchronized. In case they’ll not, I’m kindly recommending you to change manually the picture from the Site Assets library.


So the recommended workaround is to manually update the __siteIcon__.jpg in the SiteAssests library of any affected group or teamsite. 

Does anyone have Premier Support to finally get a root cause?

Very sad answer...I wonder even if that's correct in regards of "scope boundaries". My experience lastly with support is being quite good in the sense they try to find the solution, but no skipping to help with this kind of answers

Hi all,


  Thanks for the feedback. We are wrking on a fix which will ensure that the group logo is abolsutely the same across Outlook and SP and rest of the suite. No matter where you see the group from we will ensure the group image/logo is the same.


Please look forward to this change. At this point we are not fixing old images but any new ones created will be consistemt.



Thank you for the feedback. I have an open case regarding issue that I finally got escalated higher, since no solution was provided.

Here's the ID SRX617011891952117ID

The fix should be available in production by end of Feb so please verify and then you can resolve the case.

Thanks for this update!!

Can anyone confirm that this is working now?

Things seems to be working from what I can tell.

Thanks for the confirmation. Glad to know it is working

Yup, confirm that it is now working. Thanks Microsoft!

Dear @Maithili Dandige,


Just wanted to pitch in and say that it is not fully fixed. This is confirmed by Microsoft as well, in my case from Bárbara Castilho in this ticket: [REG:117020215263561] SRXCAP:1372961968ID


The issue still persists for some older groups. Newly created groups do not exhibt this issue. 


The issue is known and still being worked on.

Having the same problem and I can confirm it only works with some Groups (new ones).


Hopefully we will have a fix soon

Hi everyone,


   Thanks for the patience on this issue. As mentioned the issue is fixed for newly created groups. Any new group should be full syncronized when it comes to seeing the same logo.


For older photos we don't have a solution as yet given older photos can have a user uploaded photos as well. We don't want to accidentally override a user uploaded photos in the process.


Therefore unfortunately, current workaround is to go and manually update the older photos that have a default logo. I am circling back with the engineering team to see if we can do anything to help with this one time fix for older photos.