Can't login to the Windows Phone Outlook Group app


My wife can't login to the Windows 10 Mobile Outlook Group app. A message says something like her email isn't an Office 365 account. However, she has Office 365 Personal, in which she logs in with the same email

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That's a consumer subscription, they dont have access to (most of the) Office 365 functionalities. Just in case looping @Christophe Fiessinger who might have additional info or will prove me wrong :)

Does that mean Outllok Groups are limited only to those who purchased the full Office 365 package?

Correct you will need an Office 365 commercial subscription as stated here:

Hello Christopher , thanks for the answer. However I'm a bit confused so I would need answers to more questions:

- If I understand correctly, Outlook Groups are open to anybody, but the Outlook smartphone app is only open to Office 365 work or school account?

- My wife has an Office 365 Personal account, doesn't that count as an Office 365 work or school account?

- Is it possible to share a calendar with members of my group, including those without an Office 365 work or school account?



1- yes while the app is the store for everyone to download, it requires a commercial service plan (for instance O365 familly plan won't work)

2- "Home" and "Business" plans are different and hence have different services and funcationality, more info here:

3- We introduced the "Guest" feature last September: that will enable you to share calendar invites (via mail) with any email account (note I does not give you full access to your work calendar).

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About accounts: well I checked and me and my wife both have Office Home accounts. However I'm able to login in the Outlook Group Windows 10 mobile app, but my wife can't. Note: she is added as a guest in my Outlook Group.


About sharing an Outlook Group calendar : I went to > login with my exchange account > calendar > Groups > My group, and try to share from there. Right click on my group doesn't give me the "share" option. And the "share" button on top doesn't allow me to share the group's calendar, only my main calendar.

So how can I share the Outlook Group's calendar?