Fetch contact group/list using graph API

Fetch contact group/list using graph API



 Mar 21 2022
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To fetch contact group, also called contact list in Outlook web version (not contact folders) using Graph API.

List contacts and list contact folders doesn't fetch contact groups.

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Also need to be able to create contact lists and their members, in addition to fetch.


I keep seeing language from Microsoft about they are sun-setting EWS, and they have worked "hard" to finalize the features of Graph, but the lack of this particular feature will be a show stopper for our application and customers who are wanting to move to M365.  I have complained about this shortcoming for 2 years now and nobody is listening, apparently.


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Hi, we apologize for the confusion where to post your Graph feedback. This community was intended to be a temporary location to submit product feature suggestions between Microsoft moving off of UserVoice and the release of Microsoft's official Feedback portal app. Now that the latter is released, we encourage you to resubmit this great suggestion on the official Microsoft Graph Feedback portal at https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/forum/ebe2edae-97d1-ec11-a7b5-0022481f3c80?page=1&sort....

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