Upcoming canvas and landing page enhancements for the Visio web app
Published Oct 08 2020 07:00 AM 3,884 Views

Last month, we announced and recapped some of the latest releases for the Visio web app. These included hyperlinks, copy diagrams across files, export as image, and multipage operations, and you can read about all of them in our blog post. We spent more time on each of those (and others) during our Microsoft Ignite session dedicated to Visio for the web.  


In that session, we covered several upcoming canvas improvements that will give you a more flexible diagramming environment. We also talked about future landing page enhancements that will bring more Office-like capabilities to Visio for the web. This blog post covers the specifics of each. 

Some of the canvas improvements will be available before the end of October. We don’t have a timeline for the landing page enhancements, but will keep you posted on our Tech Community Blogs siteso keep checking back! 


Canvas improvements 

  • Predefined page sizes (now available!)We’re adding a new drop-down menu in the Visio web app ribbon that lets you choose from a variety of predetermined page sizes. These include the standard letter size and more. Of course, you can set a custom page size, too. 


  • Fit to drawing (now available!): In that same drop-down menu, you can also choose the “Fit to drawing” option to resize the Visio web app page based on the dimensions of your diagram. 
  • Infinite: One of the options in that menu is “Infinite,” so you can work on your diagrams in a continuous page space without boundaries. 
  • Optional auto-sizeWe’re also adding the ability for you to disable the default auto-size option. This frees up the fishbowl area—the grey space that surrounds the white pagefor you to use for work in progresslike brainstorming diagram parts before moving them into the final flowchart. 

Landing page enhancements 

  • Improved file discoveryWe’re bringing some beloved file discovery features from Office to Visio for the web. Soon, as you’re looking through the landing page for a place to start, you’ll see recommended, recent, and pinned files, as well as files that were shared with you. These additions are part of a significant overhaul to the entire landing page, which will look much more like the landing pages from your favorite Office apps, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  


  • Easier collaborationThe revamped landing page will also make it easier to open Visio files that were recently accessed, edited, and reviewed by your colleagues, helping you collaborate on team diagrams faster.
  • Better template categorizationAll the same Visio for the web templates you’re used to seeing will still exist on the landing page, but in a cleaner and more organized picker format. Instead of seeing all the available templates on the landing page, which is how Visio for the web is set up currently, you’ll only see select templates. You can then go to the “More templates” option to see and search within the full set of premade templates, organized by categories.


This blog post is the third of four that dives into the update details from our Microsoft Ignite roundup blog. The last one, about Amazon Web Services (AWS) shapes, will be published soon, so keep checking our Tech Community Blogs site. In the meantime, please continue to send us your product feedback and ideas through UserVoice, or send a note to tellvisio@microsoft.com if you have specific questions or comments. 

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