OneNote on Microsoft Surface Duo, the perfect match!
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Now that Microsoft Surface Duo has been released you can experience it with its ideal companion, OneNote.  The dual screens help make your note-taking experience even better. OneNote helps make working on Surface Duo easy and productive, giving you the power to create notes more effectively than ever before. Read on for an in-depth look at how OneNote on Surface Duo is crafted to optimize your efficiency.


App groups

You are likely used to juggling between apps - like OneNote and Teams to take meeting notes or OneNote and Edge to capture something interesting while surfing the internet. OneNote on Surface Duo is here to the rescue! It gives you the power to optimize taking notes using app groups. Check out this article on how to add OneNote to an app group.


OneNote as part of App Groups on Surface DuoOneNote as part of App Groups on Surface Duo


The power of the dual screen

With Surface Duo you can expand your creativity across two screens, giving OneNote a more flexible experience. You can do things like view your navigation pane on one screen and open a notebook page on the other screen. This enables you to organize your notes or easily reference a note which is on one screen, while you keep working on the other screen. You can also expand your notebook across the dual-screen for easier viewing.


Utilize Surface Duo's dual screens for working in OneNoteUtilize Surface Duo's dual screens for working in OneNote


Drag and Drop

With OneNote on Surface Duo, say goodbye to copy and paste! Now you can simply drag and drop content. So when you are browsing your favorite blog on Edge, just drag and drop interesting content on a OneNote page. This helps save you time while you create content rich notes!


Drag and drop content right onto a OneNote pageDrag and drop content right onto a OneNote page


Inking with Microsoft Surface Pen

If you have a Microsoft Surface Pen, you can draw on the OneNote canvas like never before. It brings all the power and goodness of OneNote for Android to your Surface Duo. With an improved selection of colors and sizes of pens and highlighters, inking is better than ever! The lasso tool enables you to move and resize objects easily. Other tools, like eraser and undo/redo, make editing notes simple.


Ink tools in OneNote on Surface DuoInk tools in OneNote on Surface Duo


Landscape Mode

You can change the orientation of your screen to optimize your OneNote experience on Surface Duo. Rotate your device for landscape mode to expand OneNote across the two screens. When you are editing in landscape mode, the keyboard occupies one screen, giving you space on the other screen.


OneNote in landscape view on the Surface DuoOneNote in landscape view on the Surface Duo


This was just a glimpse of how we have optimized your OneNote experience on Surface Duo. Surface Duo’s two screens provide an opportunity to organize your notes on the go with the Navigation Pane on the left screen for both Sections and Pages and the Page view on the right screen. Also, it comes with Dark Mode to enable users to use OneNote in any mode they like.


We would love to hear from you. Please keep providing your feedback right from the OneNote app or Playstore. We are working hard to keep improving OneNote and make it the place for all your notes. Be sure to join our Tech Community to stay up to date with the latest!







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