Create and share data-driven Visio diagrams directly in Excel
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Update (25/9/2019): We have added some new features in the add-in. Here is a quick summary:

  1. Sample diagrams - Choose from a variety of sample diagrams to help you get started quickly. Every sample has a different diagram layout and theme, you can further modify these layout and themes in Visio Online
    Sample catalog Org.png
  2. Organization charts are finally here! You can now create Organization charts with a breadth of layouts and theme colors. We recommend the 'Hybrid' sample if you have higher number of people in your organization charts
    OrgChart sample PP Blog.png

Please note the Data Visualizer add-in is currently available in private preview. You can fill out a short form to receive an exclusive invite to try it. 



With the Data Visualizer add-in for Excel you can automatically create Visio diagrams within Excel, all you need to get started is an Office 365 subscription—no subscription to Visio is required.




To help you get started, the add-in comes with sample data tables that you can modify and then see visualized into professional-looking diagrams. Currently, the add-in supports basic flowcharts and cross-functional flowcharts (also known as swimlane flowcharts), but more diagram types, like organization charts, are on the way.

The Data Visualizer add-in is available now in private preview. You can fill out a short form to receive an exclusive invite to try it. 

Anyone with an Office 365 subscription can use the Data Visualizer add-in to automatically create Visio diagrams; manipulate the underlying Excel data to modify diagrams; and, view, print, and share diagrams. For more detailed diagram editing in Visio or Visio Online, you’ll need either a Visio Online Plan 1 or Visio Online Plan 2 subscription.

Create flowcharts from data in Excel: The Data Visualizer add-in comes with an editable sample data table in Excel—you can add process steps, modify connectors, create dependencies, insert owners, and more—to help you get started. When you’re done, select “Refresh diagram” to see your changes sync with the data-linked diagram right in Excel.



View, print, and share your flowcharts: Your Visio diagrams are created as online files by default, so you can easily view, print, and share them with other Office 365 users.


view print and share.png

Customize and edit diagrams to make them your own: If you have a Visio Online Plan 1 or Visio Online Plan 2 license, you can do so much more with your Data Visualizer diagrams. Add text or images, apply design themes, and make other modifications to customize diagrams in Visio or Visio Online to meet your needs.


customize and edit.png


You can access additional support and send us your feedback directly from the add-in by clicking the ellipses and selecting “Help” or “Send feedback.”


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We recommend Visio Online Plan 1 for basic editing and Visio Online Plan 2 if you need more advanced features, like two-way sync and data graphics. You can compare plans to decide which option is best for you or try Visio Online Plan 2 for free for 30 days.

For questions about this and other releases, email us at Stay current on Visio’s releases by following us on Facebook and Twitter and engaging with us on our Tech Community site.

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