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I really love the easy Onenote App interface, compared to Onenote 2016.


It would be great to have Search for Tags a Custom Tags too!


Any chance? Search for tags i think is a must to manage to-do list.



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Hi Nicola, 

Custom Tags are coming to the OneNote app for Windows 10. This includes a search feature, roaming across platforms and the option to easily add tags someone else created in a shared notebook. 

Expect more official information to be announced some time during this coming summer.


From the announcement this week:





Thanks a lot for your reply, i can't wait for the new release!

I use Tags quite a lot in the ON 2016 version.  The Find Tags feature is handy and I have used the Tag Summary on a rare occasion. For me, doing digital planning/bullet journaling, I use the Tags as a visual aid as much as anything. it finally dawned on me to use emoji instead of Tags on the Windows App version. Searchable and you can look for just ONE specific "tag" at a time. You can't automagically change the font color and highlight, but for most of my needs, it works well until Custom Tags are put into the app.  For more info, see my blog post at 

Is it summer yet? :)
The new release is out?
Not that I'm aware of. I just wondered when Microsoft's summer was. This next release looks like it really will fill some gaps with 2016.
Any news on this? I could really use a find tags function

I use ON16 on a day-to-day basis, but keep checking back on the ONW10 version.  When I went in today, I found the tag search was available.  However, I found it still falls short.


The search appears to based on the label for the tag.  For example, if you use the out-of-the-box tag "Critical" (!), you have to enter "critical" in the search box.  So, you can search for custom tags but you do it by the tag label, not from a drop down of available tags.


The implication here is that ONW10 does not differentiate between a box that is checked versus non-checked.