Same OneNote version, different interface and menus

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I'm using OneNote for Windows 10 ver. 16001.11425.20094.0 on two different 64-bit computers.

Setting Options are the same on both, including "OneNote Preview = On."


Computer #1 has the newer, more compact navigation system with the "books on a shelf," magnifying glass, and clock icons in a nav-bar on the left, notebooks in a drop-down at the top.  Comp #2 has the old style where the entire list of notebooks is on the left.


Comp #1 "View | Navigation Panes" functions as a "show/hide" for the navigation panes.  On Comp #1 it is a menu with several choices (like "Show Only Pages" etc.).


Comp #1 "View | Tags" menu has no "Create new tags" option.  Comp #2 has that option.


There are more differences, but I'm trying to figure out why.  I would like the interface on the two computers to be the same so it doesn't feel like my laptop and desktop are running two different programs.



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I have exactly the same problem.

Could it be that if a standard Microsoft-Account and a Business-Account was already previously used for this OneNote installation it does NOT SHOW THE NEW NAVIGATION?

This even happens for two different signed in users on the same laptop: One shows new navigation the other logged in user does have the old navigation.


Is there any fix for this?

I de-installed OneNote and installed again, also removed both accounts from OneNote and added again, but still the old navigation is shown!


OneNote for Windows 10 ver. 16001.11601.20066.0


Thanks for any help


It may be related to the language of Windows 10 - if installed as Non-english or English and then added a language pack. Because for every language there is a differnt version cycle.    

@Yuval Welis 

I tested it, you are right, it is LANGUAGE DEPENDENT.

The english version shows the "new navigation" and the non-english Win10 language user account not, with the same Office365 workplace-account.


Thanks Jürgen


PS: Seems to be a hard translation & release job, since the non-english OneNote WhatsNew webpage already documents the "new navigation", but the app has still the old navigation!

@Yuval Welis 


I'm glad this was true for some but it doesn't seem to be the case for me.  Both computers have the same language setup.  But one shows the new interface and the other doesn't. 


Desktop - Yes, Laptop - No.  Still no idea why.

I had the same issue. Later realized the old version is installed from my corporate account (Office ProPlus) and the new version is installed from my personal Office 365 subscription. Reinstall from the same source solved my problem.

Hope this helps.

Hi @wjli2020

I wish that were the case with me.  I've never had a corporate account and have only installed from my personal Office 365 subscription.  So I still have no idea why this is occurring.

@DryHeat @DryHeat @Yuval Welis @Jürgen Modre 

Are you sure that both of your computers have the same version?  The standard O365 version of OneNote installed as the default app in new Windows 10 computers is currently Version 16001.11629.20028.0 and is designed to be mobile / touch screen friendly but currently does not allow opening or storing OneNote notebooks in anything but cloud service locations such as OneDrive.  There is another version known as the desktop app or "OneNote 2016" which is the latest version that can open and sync with network or local file storage notebooks.  According to Microsoft, OneNote 2016 continues to be available for free but will no longer have new features added to it.  I am hoping that in the near future the O365 version will have the ability to work with local and network files, but currently it seems to me that it is of seriously limited use.  Forbes has a good article on the differences and the plans that Microsoft has for sunsetting the OneNote 2016 version here:

You can also do a google search for "onenote 2016 vs onenote" to see what others are saying about the new OneNote version.


As noted in the first line of the OP, "I'm using OneNote for Windows 10 ver. 16001.11425.20094.0 on two different 64-bit computers."  Of course, that was 2 months ago.  Now both computers have version 16001.11629.20028.0, but the problem remains the same.


(My comment about only installing from my personal Office 365 subscription was to @wjli2020 to let him know that his suggestion of a complication caused by using a corporate account was not relevant to my situation.  Sorry if that confused you.)

Any idea which version cleared up the issue, business or personal account? TIA

Yo! Guys I've figured it out. Install the One Note from the Microsoft store app and not from the Microsoft office package. This solves the issue for me.