Losing Notebook after adding iPad. Help backup, then recover

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My company using Office 365, and I use OneNote daily.  I have it successfully synced and working between my Windows 10 PC and MacBook Pro.  I recently added an iPad to the mix and after installing OneNote and signing in with my company credentials, my iPad appears to have taken over.  My iPad only shows the default notebook "OneNote: one place for all your notes" stuff, and now my MacBook shows the same; MY notebook is gone.


I haven't launched OneNote from my PC yet in fear of it syncing.  After disabling network connections, I have confirmed that I still have my Notebook.  I've exported as PDF as I can't seem to find a "backup Notebook" option.


Question 1) How do I ensure my Notebook on my PC is backed up prior to launching with network connectivity?


Question 2)  How do I get my Notebook syncing again with the cloud?  Can I recover my previous Notebook from OneDrive?  I try to "Open other notebook" from the iPad & MacBook, but no luck.


Thanks for any tips.

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