Integration of One Note - Office Pro 2016

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Using One Note for the first time, downloaded the windows 10 App which does everything I need and works well across all devices.

The issue I have is that it does not seem to integrate with my Microsoft Office Suite, when I am in a contact card and click 'One Note' it is opening a different version. That would be ok but when I am then using the standalone app I am unable to locate the note as it was created with the office one Note rather than the standalone version :(

Is there a way to resolve, I would really prefer 'One Note' rather than 'Two Note'....!

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Are you logged in with the same account?
Thanks for your speedy response, yes both show logged in to the same account.

Ok so it seems that I had to create a new Notebook (I called it Contact Notes) in 2016, I then opened the standalone OneNote and searched & opened said NoteBook.

However the contacts note does not populate within here (hit sync still nothing).?
Edit: Opening the contacts card and one note 2016 it shows the note in a tab 'quick notes'.?