Bold-Italics Not Working on Word

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Hello folks,


I recently bought 4 weights of a new font, regular, italics, bold, bold-italics. All of them are working on my Mac on all programs except for Word. On Word three of the weights work except for bold-italics. It works fine on all other Microsoft apps. I uninstalled and reinstalled the fonts, still doesn't work. Restarted Mac, reset PRAM, still nothing. Installed same fonts on Macbook to see what would happen there and they work fine on Word on the laptop. What on earth is going on?


Can someone help please?


Thank you.

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@Yajee7898 Same issue here. Word 16.53 did not solve the problem.

@Yajee7898 Hello, I am a font engineer contractor for Google Fonts in charge of quality-assurance of font products and I want to report the same issue. Most of our fonts produced in the last year are having that same issue, which was not the case before. I suspect the fonts are not the problem because they rigorously follow the open-type specifications and work fine in the Office products on Windows + live view.


I reported this issue to the open-type spec too in case there would be a change that wasn't documented, but does look like a bug from the Mac Office softwares (also reproduced in Powerpoint).


Bold Italic style linking:

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