Awareness of temporary adjustments in Microsoft OneNote

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Awareness of a temporary adjustment for file attachments in OneNote

To best support OneNote customers worldwide during these unprecedented times, we're making a temporary adjustment to the download limit of file attachments in OneNote. We do not expect this change to impact most users, but we wanted to make you aware and share best practices.


We'll restrict the download of file attachments to 100MB. Most OneNote clients limit file uploads to 50MB, so this shouldn't impact most attachments, but there are scenarios that permit larger files that will no longer successfully download without one of the following workarounds:


  1. Attach as a cloud file — This is the best way to ensure that others can access the file without restrictions. If you have access to the file, upload the attachment to SharePoint Online first and then link to the attachment from within the Notebook. (If you are using OneNote for Windows 10, you can do this in one step by using Insert > File > Upload to OneDrive and insert link.) Attaching as a cloud file lets others with access to the notebook view your attachment without any size restrictions. If you don't have access to the original file, use either of the two workarounds listed below to obtain the file, and then attach it as a cloud file.
  2. Open your notebook in OneNote for the web (go to and then click the purple Sign in button) and save the attachment by right-clicking the attached file and then clicking Save As.
  3. Use OneNote 2016 or another desktop version of OneNote to download the attachment. 


Thank you!

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@OneNotePM The Office 365 message center announcement listed "OneNote in Teams will be read-only for commercial tenants, excluding EDU. Users can go to OneNote for the web for editing" but that is not mentioned in this article.  I just tested with OneNote in Teams and see a banner that shows "We're experiencing limitations with OneNote in Microsoft Teams. Please use OneNote for the web to edit this notebook." 

I understand the need to make adjustments during this time but can you explain how this change technically helps? 

We have encouraged OneNote use in Teams as we are rolling out the product in our org.  One of the great advantages of Teams is being able to collaborate in a single pane of glass.  Having to open OneNote via a browser instance or OneNote application to edit degrades that experience.

I suspect it is more of a help for bandwidth in Teams and interconnectivity between systems than a help specifically to OneNote. Not ideal, but I’d rather see purposeful changes that are clear to users (like the warning you saw) vs things just breaking or being too slow.

It is temporary. I’m sure MS is increasing capacity and tweaking code to handle the massive spike in usage. Let’s all take a breath and roll with it for a few days and weeks as the situation evolves.


"so this shouldn't impact most attachments"

hm, and why this change then?

@OneNotePM Qual a necessidade de tirar o one note dentro do teams, dificultando mais o uso da ferramento, mudando uma ferramenta totalmente integrada. Isso gerou um enorme impacto dentro da minha organização EDU, professores e alunos descontentes com isso.


What is the need to take a note into the teams, making it difficult to use the tool, changing a fully integrated tool. This had a huge impact within my EDU organization, teachers and students unhappy about it.



Luiz Fernando Carneiro
IT Manager APRS

EDU tenants are not affected by the change in Teams/OneNote editing, as indicated in the email. They are affected by the file size but it was poor practice to embed that large of files anyway.

We are an EDU and are also seeing the "We're experiencing limitations with OneNote in Microsoft Teams" message.  Assuming this is related, was that a misprint?

@David Phillips 

OneNote is a Microsoft Office 365 application, evaluated and proven, a place of public and internal information, as long as they know how to express in public with ethics and discipline. On the contrary, it is because he has no understanding of how to print for public information. People who find them selves at this point of lack of understanding of Microsoft Office 365, we have training every Saturday and Sunday. 

@348t_04h0_h0g9h30_4h9670  This is help mitigate bandwidth, as  a lot of users are now working from home, telecommunications/internet bandwidth will be  consumed at a much higher rate than normal. Increased spike will see some networks collapsing and others struggling to keep up, this "small" change will help mitigate this.

Has anyone else had issues with OneNote Notebooks not loading and sections disappearing? These sections dispersing is affecting our staff as the documents appear unrecoverable and do not appear in the recycle bin.


I've also had very slow loading/syncing speeds with the One Note windows 10 application but it appears to work better in the browser.

@mtilson Exact same here. It would have helped if the usual support channels caught this and notified tenant admins so we could prep our business... 

* Twitter @MSFT365Status and @OfficeSupport don't know what I'm asking. 

* No mention in the tenant service health, or message center. 

* Unified Support ticket in 24 hours, no reply which is V. strange as it's normally more responsive. 


A bit of googling for "We're experiencing limitations with OneNote in Microsoft Teams. Please useOneNote for the web to edit this notebook" and I found this page. 


This goes in a 180 direction to the guidance MS have been giving on Teams... one-stop-shop etc. We can't go down that path, build adoption and then do a u-turn on an important feature such as OneNote. It makes no difference to the file sizes either, won't work for new OneNotes either... we had a blank screen for the bulk of a day there. 


This type of thing makes adoption managers look like cretins. 

Administering Global Manage, we are attentive to the adjustments in the part that provides us with a solution, now when there is difficulty in understanding the channel through all networks and portals, integrity bias, do not keep distant, convince that your business has a decisive decision with Office 365 in the tickt of partner support.

@David Phillips 


I am an EDU user and seeing this message as well.

We are also seeing the same thing

@brianblackOk! I'm develop work in Microsoft OneNote the Information. Very Good, Thank you!!!

This will probably cost me clients and money. Specifically have been touting the 1 stop shop setup, and bulding a rather complex Onenote and Teams setup for client, and now that they need it deployed none of it works. This needs to change QUICK
O canal precisa estar apto de ir e vir gerando negócios fluentes bem de vida, e contra o coronavírus. Isso precisa mudar no perfil QUICK que todos tenham dinheiro pra pagar o compromisso quitado em tempo e na hora "H".
My team and teachers found that OneNote cannot synchronize in the real time today.

@OneNotePM -  Could the warning banner for OneNote in Teams be updated so that it is clear that the OneNote is in Read Only by design?  The current banner reads as if there is a service degradation that might be fixed soon.  Maybe provide a link in the banner to this article?