What’s new in Office 365 administration—August update


August was all about further improving the setup and configuration experience in the new admin center. This is one of the areas that has completely been redesigned as part of the new management experience. —Read the blog post for details: https://blogs.office.com/2016/08/31/whats-new-in-office-365-administration-august-update/

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Don't take it the wrong way, but can you guys please tone down the "wizard" stuff, or at least give us an option to actually follow our own configuration steps? Without making it so god **bleep** annoying experience? :)

Totally agree. And for trial customers it only confuse them, scare them away from testing.

- Geir

Hi all,

thanks for your feedback. We've received very positive feedback from customers on the new setup experience so far so I'm very interesting in your feedback. Could share more details?



We know you have received positive feedback on this, but O365 serves both small businesses and huge enterpises, you cannot have a single formula that matches all. We understand why you choose to go with the "wizard" type solutions, but they can get very annoying sometimes.


For example, when I want to add a new domain in a tenant that already has 50000 users provisioned, I really dont need the "add users" step we had previously (I believe this one is gone now, so maybe a bad example, but still). Or follow the entire wizard and all the additional warnings/popups if I decide to skip a step. Sometimes we do know what we are doing and we dont need you to hold our hands :)


I know it's probably not a very good idea as it will require additional resources on your end, but I almost wish we had the option to switch between "basic" and "advanced" mode for the portal.


Same actually goes for the support documentation, most of the new articles on support.office.com are really dumbed down, covering just the bare minimum and leaving all the important details out...


That's just my $0.02 ofc :)

+1 to Vasil's comments

Thanks for the detailed feedback, Vasil. I've shared it with the engineering team that owns the setup experience. Just as a note, the wizard will only show for new customers. Once you've set your organization up, you can manage domains as before from the domains page.