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Hello! I recently was told that I uploaded a blank file to my final paper. I had not realized at the time as I had spent 2 weeks writing 7 page paper but upon looking at the word file it was reverted back to the original version of the paper which consisted of only the title. I'm sure anyone can see why this is a problem for me. Id anyone could please help me I would appreciate it. The file was from over 3 weeks ago so I can not utilize the restore feature on one drive.  

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Hi, if you uploaded the blank file only, then OneDrive will be of no help to you in retrieving your work as there will have only ever have been one version in OneDrive - the blank document.


However, if you had previously uploaded a good version of the doc, and then replaced it with the blank version, then you would be able to use version history in OneDrive.  


Go and check in your OneDrive (the web portal version), and highlight the file, then click the ellipsis, then click version history.


Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 18.05.29.png


If you have more than one version of the file in here, download them and take a look.  If you had succeeded in uploading the correct document previously at some point, then it may be here for you.


Fingers crossed and good luck!

@PeterRising Hi Thank you for your attempt to help! The only version available in the history is the empty doc, I worked on the paper over the course of a couple days with it automatically updating to drive, unfortunately it seems that none of that is available in the version history. :) Thank you for trying though! 



That's a shame.  The only other thing you could check out are some of the options here -