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Hi there,

we have an issue in our company. I was allowing In-place archive to our workers but we found out that it will turn it on (that's good), it will shows on internet application (good too), but not in desktop aplication (eee eee problem).


I was googling some solution, but they were just like it will appears automaticaly, but for us nothing appears. So i'm writting this topic


please let me know if u had similiar problem and solved it or if u just clever man and know how to do things so post here how you solved it 


have a nice day here, Thanks.

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The appearance of the Online Archive in Outlook on the desktop relies on Autodiscover, so it might take some time before the client shows the updated info. To confirm that everything works as expected, obtain the autodiscover.xml file and look at the AlternativeMailbox section at the bottom. Here's an example:




<DisplayName>Online Archive</DisplayName>