O365 group NEW messages/conversations are not visible in Outlook O365

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Several of my users have reported that they are unable to see new messages under Groups. Outlook shows a number of the new messages, but when they click on a group, they can see only old messages downloaded when Outlook was working properly.

I have the same issue on one of my computers as well.

The only way to view/read new group messages for 'unsubscribed' groups is OWA

Outlook/Group conversation works on a new Windows user profile.

Environment: Windows 10 b.19042.928. Outlook O365 with all the most recent updates applied.

Troubleshooting steps: Tried almost everything, except deleting/re-creating Windows user profile. 

re-installing, repairing Office does not solve the issue. Re-creating new Outlook profile fixes the problem ONLY until Outlook is restarted.

I have worked with ms support agents for hours with no luck. Then they simply decided to abandon my issue as I haven't heard from them at all even after I've tried to follow up (many times) requesting a response. I created support ticket Sep 9 2020 and now it's mid April 2021. I do not get any responses.

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@alexk_gsb  are you able to see these message / emails on the web client under group? if so then will investigate by creating an alternative or secondary profile of outlook and check how it works.

well, as i've mentioned in my original post,
1. I'm able to see the new messages in OWA
2. under new/secondary profile it works until Outlook is restarted

@alexk_gsb Hi, i think that i'm having this issue. This is the old outlook app, working properly and showing the latest mails:




This is my up to date Outlook client not showing the search bar and displaying old messages:




i'm gonna try to reinstall (uninstalling with Office removal tool and installing with ODT) and see if it works