Intune license not provisioning

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I've had an active support ticket for the last week regarding Intune license provisioning. I'm posting here in case there is something that they have missed or not thought of.


I have two issues.


1. The Intune authority is set to just "Intune" and not "Intune + Office 365", so there is no coexistence.

2. All users assigned Microsoft 365 E3 plans have Intune_O365 as PendingActivation and INTUNE_A as PendingInput.


The license propagation has been going on for over a week stuck in that state. Is it possible for a manual sync of these licenses to be triggered somehow?


There is no option available to set the MDM authority to Intune + Office 365.


I've tried removing and re-adding the Intune option. I've tested with a new user, encountering the same issue.

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Work with support to get this sorted.

@wzsanders I have the same issue. I can't use autopilot to enroll into Intune or use Hybrid AD join to automatically enroll in Intune. I have been working with Microsoft support for more than a month now. They can't fiqure out the issue.


Were you able to resolve it?

@Deleted It was resolved, but support also couldn't figure it out. I unassigned and reassigned licenses one last time and it has worked since.

I did it multiple times. not working for me.
Sorry that I couldn't be of much help. That is what ended up fixing it for me. After about 2-3 weeks with support, and multiple attempts of deactivating the license for a full-day wait time it finally worked after the last attempt.