Disabling site creation in the SharePoint admin center

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We have temporarily turned off the ability for users to create Communications sites, because we have some governance and communication decisions to make... I followed these instructions , and selected "Hide the Create site command" in the SP admin center... Does this affect the ability for users to create teamsites that come with O365 groups... does turning that off affect O365 group teamsites? I assume not, but I wanted to confirm that.

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Nope and Nope. The other way around also doesnt work - if you block Groups creation, people will still be able to create sites.

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So we have no ability to disable the 'sprawl' of team sites that are basically hidden site collections to the poor SP Admin who's lost control over who can create sites.  Why did we did we allow the SP Admin to hide his create site menu option within his O365 space but suffer no ability to control O365 teams and groups laying down team sites.


I'm not clear why we have enabled SharePoint sprawl all over again.


Sorry to be blunt.



I'm not sure If I'm following Vasil's logic here but if you disable self-service site creation in SPO Admin Center and you also configure who can create Groups by means of the Azure AD Policiy you are then controlling in fact who can create "hidden" SPO team sites: only the people that can create Groups as configured with the Azure AD policy

Thanks for the reply.  Is there no simple way to fully disable sites being created by Groups/Teams such that no stub sites are provisioned when a group/team is created?

 Imagine we already have an Intranet, we already have 100's of sites.  WHy would we ever want to have sites auto provisioned in the first place?


I do see value in site provisioning for the new customer, but if we already have a mature SharePoint Intranet, the sprawl coming from site collections appearing is painful to manage, delete, and govern all together.


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No, there is no way to remove the SPO part from the creation process for Teams and Groups

So I understand this a little differently - and specifically the SharePoint admin console states - "Show the Create site command to users who have permission to create sites".


We have disabled users creating Office 365 Groups self service, but enabling this actually shows everyone the create site button, but tells them access denied.


Based on this article, the statement of "Show the users..." is false then? Is there a command or group that we can set so that only particular people can create new sites? And Sites only, not groups...




Well, the thing here is that IMHO there is an inconsistente in how this should work...if you are disabling Groups creation in your tenant by means of the Azure AD policy, the Create Site option should allow you to create only communication sites (no modern SPO Sites since they are linked to Groups) since these are not tied to an Office 365 Group