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Hi everyone,

I want to know how can I manage the Guest Users. When I access to this section, I only see one record (in the image I hide the record) and the feature to delete it, but I can't see the button to create a new record. Where is the place or way to create more records? Thanks in advanced.


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Guests can't be created in O365 directly - but can be in Azure AD.
The way to create guests in O365 is to invite them to access resources such as files in SharePoint/OneDrive, or make them a member of a Group.
If you're wanting to do things more in bulk then Azure AD B2B is the solution.

In AAD you can create also single Guest Users.

(BTW, this is my preferred way to create Guest Users...)


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Hope it helps... 

We also have the New-AzureADMSInvitation cmdlet, which offers some advantages compared to manually clicking buttons in the UI. But if you plan to bulk add lots of users, definitely take a loot at the B2B API.

As Vasil says, extending an invitation can be done with PowerShell. However, that's only part of the overall scheme because you need to know what application the guest user will access to include the appropriate information in the invitation. For Groups and for Teams, you also need to add the guest user object to the group with Add-UnifiedGroupLinks or Add-AzureADGroupMember. Isn't PowerShell great...


Those who don't like PowerShell can simply add the user through the GUI as a guest using an Office 365 application (Groups or Teams). This will issue the invitation and instantiate the guest user object in Azure AD. After the user accepts the invitation, you can add the guest user object to whatever group you like.


Generally speaking, I find it smoother to add a guest user through Office 365 than through the Azure portal. The logic is that if you want to use the object with an Office 365 application, add the user through the application so that the invitation they receive and redeem will kick off the other processing to make sure the user can access Office 365...

2 years later we still can't add guest users in Office 365 admin center...

@KrisDeb I agree that this is disappointing!

@Diego Martinez Lucioni 


I have a tenant where a Global Admin have the button "Add a Guest User" and the other does not.

I have opened a Professional SR and they told me that this change is in the road map, but could not tell me what document states that. Also, they told me that if I want to create a Guest User I would need to go to the Azure Active Directory.


One of the documents he sent states that the Guest Users page were “updated to the new style”. And now, we can only view users.


Clicking "Add a New Guest User" from the Admin Center, I´m redirected to the Azure AD Portal to create the Guest.

Sharing external on Share Point and Teams is so painful it is basically unusable. Email invitations require a sign in even though I have disabled this on the portal. 



This is a bad product