Change owner of deleted OneDrive profile

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Assuming I have NOT setup manager or secondary admin - I have deleted a user from Office356 and the retention period isn't expired.


How can I access "configuration" of the OneDrive, and add an Owner of the OneDrive so I can access it and view data?


I would have thought that I could find it in the "Manage User Profiles" in SharePoint Admin Center but the user doesn't show up when searching.


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@Lars Hetner Elkjer Mortensen 

Easy, Just use these steps to assign a secondary owner. 

1.  Connect to SharePoint online PowerShell using Connect-SPOService

2.  Run "Get-SPODeletedSite -IncludePersonalSite | FT url" to get the list of deleted personal sites

4. Sometimes it may not appear in the above list but you can run this command to set a new secondary site collection admin. At this point, you can assign yourself first and see if you can access it. Then Assign to the right person.

Set-SPOUser -Site https://domain-<> -LoginName <> -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $True -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue


5. Now try to access the above MySite URL and you should be able to set permissions directly from there too. To do that go to OneDrive Settings --> More Settings --> Site Collection Administrators --> Add/Remove people here as per the needs

Thank you.