Can't register my domain

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Hi there! I can't seem to register my domain on O365. I get to this screen and the email never arrives in my Zimbra, which I am migrating from. Zimbra is working fine though as I tested sending email to myself.





It could well be because of this:



While testing the product, a few people signed up for a free O365 personal account with our domain in their signup email:

However, we have 47 Business Essentials licences now for the company and we'd like to regain our domain for the company. We are currently just using Teams / OneDrive on the address, but we would like to use Outlook too for our email.

I checked both my current Zimbra mail AND the email I signed up with the same email address. Unfortunately, I don't see the Microsoft email there in either account.


Where do I go from here?



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Did you actually follow the process to add the domain in Office 365?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

That's a good question.

Step 1: Add domain. I did

Step 2: Enter user name. I did.

Step 3: Follow instructions in email ....

And that email never came ... ☹

OK, so finally, I got around to trying again, and this time, the email finally came. As a "you have been invited to join the Microsoft Store for Business" email .. nothing to do with "domain sign up". :p 


Signed out of the and into my account.

Now it asks to verify my domain with a TXT record. Fair enough, easy to do. However, to do it, I must disconnect from my current host. I guess if there is an issue, I can always reconnect it. 

BUT, I'd like to be pre-informed before I make this move.

After the steps listed here, when it says "finished", does it port my 49 users from onto the new account? Or at the very least, will the two domains will join in one organization?


Thank you!