Audit large files in OneDrive Business

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I can not find in Office 365 control panels to delete large files in OneDrive folders of users.
It is necessary to conduct an audit of all materials and documents, remove unnecessary (mp3, avi, flack ...)

Write who knows where to look.

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Hi @SKalinichenko27 


The Content Search in The Office 365 Security and Compliance Center may be able to help you filter by type and size

@SKalinichenko27 There is the OneDrive usage report, which you may be using already, this will tell you how many files each user has in OneDrive, as well as how much storage they are using:


There is PowerShell as well:


There isn't a report that I have seen that goes into more details.  If there are concerns about OneDrive usage it's best to check the best practices and implement any necessary measures like blocking file types such as mp3 files, set the default storage space for your users, or change a specific user's OneDrive storage space and so forth: