Adding Logo to customized Skype Meetings not working.


I learned that if you go into the Skype For Business Admin center > Online Meetings - you can create a logo (There are specific dimentions and file type - which the logo is) and save it in a location where everyone has access to. Then copy in the Path into the Logo URL Field. When I generate a skype meeting, it has a broken image saying it cannot be linked. Am I doing something wrong?



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Hi @William Lampert,


Is that image url anonymously accessible?

we have a network drive that everyone has access to - that is where I placed it.

I put in the path of where the file is on the network drive. I see Microsoft has it's example as if it was on a website starting with www.

I just have it like: \\server\folder\folder\logo.JPG

It will need to be a url starting with http:// or https://

Darn - how can i get it on a website just to do this?

@William Lampert 


It would be really nice to get an answer from Microsoft on this. 

There are almost no resources regarding this subject and a solution from Microsoft. 

The only solution they provide is for Skype Online, but even for that they are not very clear on requirements. 

I tried adding the image on numerous hosting sites and then in Skype Control Center however same behavior every time. 

Does anyone have a suggestion for a site that would host this image and that would actually work with Skype on Prem 2015?