Learn more about new FY24 Incentives for ISVs


Our FY24 ISV incentives feature richer earning opportunities for driving billed sales of transactable offers on Marketplace and driving Azure consumption growth through core and strategic workloads.


We invite you to join us in one of the two upcoming ISV Partner Incentive Webinars:

September 19th @ 5PM PST – Click here to register

September 20th @ 8:00AM PST – Click here to register


The webinar will cover the following incentives:

  • Marketplace Transact and Grow Incentive Campaign: In this incentive campaign, Participants can earn up to $200,000 USD meeting billed sales milestones. The incentive consists of four levers. Each Participant – determined at the marketplace publisher level – can earn incentive on up to 4 offers per incentive lever during the Program Term.
  • ISV ACR Growth Incentive Campaign: In this incentive campaign, participants can earn up to $350,000 USD (maximum $175,000 USD for FY24 H1 and $175,000 USD for FY24 H2) by driving quarter-over-quarter growth in eligible ACR. Eligible ACR is defined as Azure Consumed Revenue coming from SaaS solution built on partners’ own Microsoft Azure subscription and from IaaS/PaaS solutions published as transactable Virtual machine & Azure apps on Marketplace and deployed on customer tenants. 
  • Azure Migrate and Modernize Partner-led for ISV: Azure Migrate and Modernize (AMM) helps accelerate and simplify customer migration and modernization projects. In this engagement, qualifying ISV partners will provide expert guidance to execute an engagement to move end-customers to their solutions built on Azure and earn up to $50,000 USD per engagement based on the estimated ACR impact. It can include migrating customers to the partner’s SaaS or BYOL offering on Azure. The engagements need to be delivered by the ISVs’ in-house professional services team.


Check out our new blog article on the marketplace community blog, New FY24 Incentives for ISVs including richer earning opportunities.

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