FAQ: Quarterly billing of a SaaS fixed price offering (private offer)


Q: I have quarterly payment terms with a customer (on a 2y contract). And now the customer would love to transact this 3 month offer on Azure Marketplace. However, with SaaS offers, only monthly, yearly and lumpsum billing are supported.


Is a support for quarterly billing perhaps on a roadmap or in a private preview?

Is there any workaround to achieve the quarterly billing frequency?


A: You can use custom meters and bill quarterly by sending requests to the marketplace billing api quarterly. You would create a 2year offer with a price=0 and invoicing monthly. Then, create custom metering dimensions (called, say consumption_unit). Consumption_unit=1K. Then, just send a request at the end of the first month, charging the first 600K, thus allowing for a 60 Day Neto payment terms.

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Is there any website link to the marketplace billing api?
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This approach works really well. We have a similar approach for billing of one of our Marketplace offers.
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