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Hey folks, 

We're looking to incorporate Azure OpenAI GPT functionlaity into one of our Teams apps. A while ago, we got the "Welcome to the Azure OpenAI Service"! from Cognitive services at Microsoft, but not API Key. Or at least we can't find any associated API Key. 

Anyone knows how to get the key? Anyone is adding GPT / AI functionality to their Marketplace apps? 



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You can access the key here:
Thanks Justin. To clarify, we have already submitted this form and received an email from the Cognitive services account saying "Congratulations! After reviewing your application, we are pleased to inform you that you have been onboarded to the Azure OpenAI Service.". This was a few months ago, but we didn't get the API Key needed to use the Azure OpenAI version of GPT.

Aside from filling the application and waiting for acceptance again, what else can we do?

If you have an Account Executive/Customer Success Unit, you can work with them. If you have a Partner Development Manager, you can also work with them.


If you do not have a Partner Development Manager (PDM), there are 2 options:


1. Contact Microsoft which will put you in touch with the new Customer Concierge* team,

2. Find a Partner and get connected to select a partner that best meets your needs, and Microsoft Support for Businesses to open a support request or purchase a support plan.


*Customer Concierge is the digital at scale experience for customers and partners, or they can talk to a Cloud Solutions Provider, an Azure Channel, and purchase the PTU Tokens through them.

thanks Justin, we're working through this now.
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