New transactable offers from Satori Cyber, Skyhive, and Staqu
Published Jul 24 2023 08:24 AM 760 Views

Microsoft partners like Satori Cyber, Skyhive, and Staqu deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:



JARVIS: Designed for any industry, JARVIS from Staqu Technologies transforms CCTV footage into meaningful insights by using artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, and audio analysis. Get short real-time alerts for loss prevention, safety, footfall analysis, and more.


Satori Data Security Platform: Satori implements security controls for databases, data lakes, and data warehouses, without requiring changes to your data, schema, or how users interact. Satori collects, stores, and processes sensitive data, helping data and security teams deliver just-in-time access.


SkyHive Enterprise: SkyHive Enterprise delivers a complete platform for data-driven workforce planning across your entire organization. With SkyHive, you can track workforce skills, industry benchmarks, and market trends to strategize career paths and skill improvement.

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