New transactable offers from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria and SciMar ONE in Azure Marketplace
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Microsoft partners like Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria and SciMar ONE deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


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Bako: Provide cost-effective safety and security with this visitor management system from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria. Available as an Android app or in a desktop version, Bako can be integrated with your company's security or facility management systems to centralize reporting. Bako protects visitor data, ensures privacy, and provides peace of mind. The back end is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which ensures continual availability.


Enterprise Fileshare: This solution from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria allows teams to collaborate across devices from any location. Enterprise Fileshare utilizes a virtual file system in a well-secured, platform-independent cloud environment. Unlock productivity, save storage and bandwidth, and enhance file-sharing flexibility for your internal and external users. Files are synchronized regularly, and third-party integration is easy.


HR Master: Streamline employee management and administrative processes with this human resources solution from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria. HR Master can be used for employee appraisals, attendance tracking, leave management, key performance indicator reviews, and more. Self-serve features allow employees to view all their benefits in one place and update their personal data.


GUI on Ubuntu 20.04: This offer from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria provides Xfce, an open-source desktop environment for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. By default, Ubuntu Server does not include a graphical user interface (GUI) because a GUI takes up system resources that are used for server-oriented tasks. But certain tasks are more manageable with a GUI, and that's where this environment comes into play.


E-Test Center: Do you know that having an employee evaluation system in place is a great way to analyze the effectiveness of your recruitment? This solution from Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria allows you to collect vital data across departments and track employee performance. Reduce your company's paper use with E-Test Center, which features real-time reporting, automation, digital storage, and access controls.


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The Scientific Data Engine: This platform from SciMar ONE enables pharmaceutical teams to find and operationalize clinical data to accelerate drug development. The Scientific Data Engine (SDE) replaces outdated manual processes with AI-based search tools, saving users time, reducing costs, and coordinating the hundreds of tasks required to advance a drug from Phase 2 to commercialization and beyond.


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