New transactable offers from Hyperglance, Valence Security, and utobo in Azure Marketplace
Published Jul 20 2023 08:06 AM 988 Views

Microsoft partners like Hyperglance, Valence Security, and utobo deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


Hyperglance logo 250x250.png Hyperglance: Designed for engineers, SecOps professionals, and FinOps specialists, Hyperglance streamlines cloud resource inventorying, architectural diagramming, security and compliance management, cost management, and automation. Manage your Microsoft Azure environments with a single dashboard and discover cost optimizations to reduce your cloud bill by 30 percent or more.
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Valence SaaS Security Remediation: Valence, a collaborative security remediation platform, enables organizations to securely operate their software-as-a-service mesh without slowing down adoption, usage, or innovation. Security teams get full visibility and context about SaaS mesh risk, misconfigurations, integrations, external oversharing of data, and unmanaged identities.

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utobo: Go beyond a standard learning management system with utobo, an AI-powered all-in-one tool for employee, partner, or customer training. Instead of hiring an outside agency, businesses can use utobo to rapidly and cost-effectively create, manage, and deliver training courses. utobo features demo courses, an AI-powered blog writer, a built-in mini-CRM, and top-notch support.

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