New transactable offers from FileMage, PrimeKey Solutions, and SurePact in Azure Marketplace
Published Jun 23 2021 07:27 AM 1,664 Views

Microsoft partners like FileMage, PrimeKey Solutions, and SurePact deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:

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FileMage SFTP FTP to Azure Blob Storage - Windows: FileMage Gateway provides fast and seamless file transfers to your cloud storage using SFTP, FTPS, and FTP. File transfers are streamed in memory to and from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and run in your network to reduce data transfer costs. Achieve fast file transfers without provisioning costly high IOPS disks and view all changes in real time.

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EJBCA Enterprise - Certificate Authority & PKI: EJBCA Enterprise is PrimeKey’s certificate issuance and management system that secures the communications and data in your connected applications. With native support for Microsoft Azure Key Vault, EJBCA Enterprise applies public key infrastructure (PKI) to the Internet of Things to deliver a comprehensive PKI solution for your users, software, and devices.


SignServer Enterprise Cloud: PrimeKey’s SignServer Enterprise delivers fully controlled cryptographic processing for signing documents and code. The end-to-end solution can be managed from a command line or GUI or integrated directly with your applications. Featuring support for Microsoft Azure Key Vault, SignServer Enterprise brings all signature operations into a single auditable server.

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SurePact Project & Contract Risk Management SaaS: SurePact is a risk identification and mitigation solution for the delivery of government and corporate contracts. It tracks governance and compliance, measures actual spend against your budget, calculates savings, and more. Reduce risk by avoiding scope, time, and cost blowouts and improve performance with enterprise-wide insights that help maximize value.

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