New on Microsoft AppSource: October 14-20, 2023
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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 217 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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DocuSign: DocuSign offers seamless integrations with Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform to improve customer and employee experiences, lower costs, and do business more quickly and securely. It also provides enhanced methods to identify signers, admin tools for greater security, and round-the-clock activity tracking. With over 400 pre-built integrations, DocuSign automates the entire contract lifecycle and offers AI-powered contract analytics to accelerate review.
MetaOffice Pro: MetaOffice Pro enables remote collaboration and creates a digital workspace in Microsoft Teams. It promotes real-time collaboration, flexible work environments, and inclusive culture with features such as virtual water-coolers and team-building modules.
OneShelf: OneShelf is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that enables users to easily reuse slides from OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. It creates an optimized index of slides and allows for filtering by source, date, language, or custom SharePoint fields. OneShelf is designed for PowerPoint professionals and helps increase efficiency and consistency in team workflows. 
Technosoft Automotive Retail Solution: Technosoft Yana Automotive CRM is a complete customer relationship management system that provides a 360-degree view of customers and vehicles. It streamlines sales pipeline management and offers targeted marketing campaign management, improving customer satisfaction and retention rates. The solution includes customer and vehicle management, sales force automation, social media management, and business intelligence capabilities. It allows for remote working and data visualization and enables personalized customer experiences.
Templum Private Markets Application Suite: Templum enables a continuous trading experience for investors, providing visibility and control across the entire asset lifecycle. Streamline workflows, optimize performance, reduce operational overhead, and offer liquidity and distribution in private markets.

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4wardPRO - Data Classification for Microsoft 365 Copilot: 4wardPRO will demonstrate why classifying company information by level of confidentiality is crucial for control and protection of data, especially with tools like Copilot. It allows for appropriate use and access, protects sensitive data, and ensures compliance with regulations. This offer is available in Italy.
4wardPRO - Microsoft 365 Copilot Extension Proof of Concept: 4wardPRO's engagement tests and demonstrates how Copilot can be extended and customized to meet specific organizational needs, including the development of custom plugins and integration with Microsoft Graph extensions. This offer is available in Italy.
4wardPRO - Microsoft 365 Copilot Deployment: This Copilot implementation from 4wardPRO involves license activation, Microsoft Loop enablement, and Outlook configuration. License configuration assigns usage rights and applies license policies. Loop enablement requires role and permission configuration and integration with other Microsoft 365 services. Outlook configuration includes connecting to Copilot, adding accounts, syncing calendars and contacts, and applying security policies. This offer is available in Italy.
4wardPRO - Preparing Files for Microsoft 365 Copilot: Copilot requires a vast amount of data for effective user assistance. 4wardPRO's workshop helps clients select and migrate essential data to the cloud, ensuring only relevant information is used to maximize the application's value. 4wardPRO experts will guide clients through the selection process and explain the benefits of cloud migration, including improved accessibility, security, and scalability. This offer is available in Italy.
Adoption and Change Management (ACM) Teams Phone Adoption: Continuant offers ACM services to help organizations transition to new technology. The company's Prosci-certified ACM team provides a tailored approach to managing change and achieving measurable success using the ADKAR Model. Services include an ACM workshop, ACM plan, email templates, training, device recommendations, and ongoing support. Investing in change management increases the probability of project success, manages employee resistance, captures people-dependent ROI, and builds change competency into the organization.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Microsoft Copilot Implementation: Best Projects specializes in technology implementation for public and private sectors. Its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service module utilizes Microsoft Copilot, an AI assistant that helps resolve issues in real-time. Services include parameterization and customization of workflows, SLAs, and forms. This offer is available in Brazil.
Automate Repetitive Processes with Robotic Process Automation: 5-Month Implementation: Microsoft Power Automate is a service that automates manual and repetitive processes, providing digital process automation and RPA to bridge the gap between modern API-based services and legacy systems. RPA enables automation of mundane, rules-based tasks, even in older systems without APIs. Ha-Shem's service offers attended and unattended automation modes, and the implementation process takes five months.
Avanade - Microsoft 365 Copilot Change Enablement Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Avanade's Copilot change enablement solution helps organizations adopt AI solutions by engaging and empowering employees to think and behave differently. It provides a structured, flexible, and people-first approach to organizational change, covering every stage from proof of value to full implementation. The solution includes creating a change strategy, identifying necessary skills and training, defining a change network of champions, developing AI and data literacy principles, creating an action plan, and mapping key stakeholders.
Avanade - Microsoft 365 Copilot Extensibility Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Avanade's Copilot extensibility accelerator offers custom connectors and plug-ins for Copilot, enhancing its power. The process includes a learn and explore session, ideation workshop, and development phase. 
Avanade - Microsoft 365 Copilot Information Management: 4-Week Implementation: Avanade's Copilot information management accelerator helps organizations assess their Microsoft SharePoint data governance and management processes, identify potential risks, and implement a governance model that ensures data security. The assessment includes recommendations for Microsoft 365 data governance and security, restricted access controls, DLP and retention policies, and sensitivity labels. 
Avanade - Microsoft 365 Copilot Transformation: 4-Week Implementation: Avanade's Copilot transformation is an end-to-end solution that helps businesses leverage the full potential of Copilot. It includes services for people readiness, business engagement, and platform readiness. Avanade combines its expertise in Microsoft technologies with proven methodologies and tools to deliver a tailored transformation aligned with Copilot goals and needs. 
Avanade - Microsoft 365 Copilot Value Framework: 4-Week Implementation: Avanade's Copilot value framework helps organizations identify and align their business goals with the capabilities of Copilot. The Workplace Advisory team works with clients to define key drivers, prioritize new ways of working, and establish a value Framework with key metrics. This helps articulate the value of Copilot and provides recommendations for successful adoption. 
baseVISION - Windows 365 Enterprise Proof of Concept: baseVISION will implement a pilot deployment of Windows 365, a cloud-based service that automatically provisions virtual Windows 11 desktops without the need for a whole desktop virtualization platform. It offers flexible licensing options, automatic Cloud PC provisioning, and seamless integration with Microsoft Intune device management. Windows 365 Cloud PCs provide secure access to infrastructure and app and can be accessed from anywhere with the Windows 365 app or browser-based access.
Bechtle Ready for Microsoft Copilot: 1-Day Workshop: Bechtle's Copilot workshop offers general and technical understanding, business value, and innovative application scenarios. It requires comprehensive preparation, including technical measures and organizational preparations. 
Bizapp Center of Excellence: 3-Month Implementation: Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code platform that enables users to create custom business solutions using tools like Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. To maximize its potential, a Center of Excellence practice should be established to ensure strategic alignment, proper governance, solution quality, opportunity management, user engagement, and organizational change management. Bizapp's offer includes operational model design, governance and reporting, opportunity management, solution design and development, operations management, and engagement, training, and change management. 
Cloud Voice Readiness Assessment: NTT's Cloud Voice Readiness assessment helps clients ensure successful cloud voice transformation. The assessment includes technical readiness, project delivery readiness, adoption and change management delivery readiness, and managed services readiness. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Technical Readiness: Copilot searches and compiles data across Microsoft 365, including sensitive data, and can make inaccessible data instantly accessible. However, generated content won't inherit sensitivity labels, and introducing new workflows requires a heavy human element. Phoenix Software will show you how Microsoft SharePoint permissions and Microsoft Purview tools can help meet these challenges.
Microsoft Copilot 365 Readiness Workshop: The Missing Link Network Integration's Copilot readiness assessment helps organizations prepare for generative AI adoption. It offers an introduction to the capabilities of Copilot and technical gap analysis. The readiness report includes findings, gaps, a roll-out plan, and next steps.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Extensions with Cognizant Generative EX Solutions: Copilot allows users to connect business applications and data to gain deeper insights and enhance workplace experience. Cognizant's Generative EX offering includes pre-built accelerators and bespoke solutions that harness the power of Microsoft Azure OpenAI to build next-gen applications and processes. The engagement includes requirements identification, integrations, deployment, configuration, and development of customized workflows and apps. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot for Modern Work: 1-Day Advisory Workshop: Trustmarque's one-day workshop helps business stakeholders understand the benefits of Microsoft AI and how it can improve productivity. The workshop includes hands-on demonstrations and technical discussions, followed by a summary report with recommended next steps for future deployment.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Prepare for Takeoff: 8-Plus-Week Proof of Concept: Slalom's proof of concept includes project management, engineering training, talent assessment, and success measurement. The offering involves pre-engagement project prerequisites, project initiation, activation, and monitoring and measuring. The goal is to build a business case for a larger organizational Copilot rollout.
Cloud Target - Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment: Cloud Target's solution uses Microsoft 365 to help organizations assess and adopt Copilot. It includes identifying prerequisites, demonstrating Copilot in various applications, and providing follow-up for adoption. 
Dynamics 365 Contact/Call Center for Retail: 2-Week Proof of Concept: OntargIT offers a Microsoft Dynamics 365 proof of concept for retail businesses to enhance customer service, streamline call center operations, and elevate customer satisfaction. The package includes a kick-off meeting, functional and technical workshops, a commercial proposal, and a demo case.
Dynamics 365 Customer Data Platform and Marketing for Retail: 2-Week Proof of Concept: OntargIT's proof of concept for retail businesses demonstrates how to evaluate the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to upgrade customer engagement, boost marketing efforts, and drive sales. The package includes a kick-off meeting, functional and technical workshops, a commercial proposal, and a demo case. 
Epiq Data Privacy with Microsoft Priva: Epiq consulting services offer tailored solutions for organizations to navigate data privacy regulations through modern cloud technology. This offer includes a privacy needs assessment, workflow design, training, and integration with Microsoft Purview capabilities.
Epiq Microsoft Purview Separated Employee Defensibility: Epiq offers consulting services to help organizations navigate employee separations using Microsoft 365 and Purview while protecting data and ensuring compliance. Learn how you can benefit from strategies to prevent data loss, using advanced tools to monitor and address risks, and investigate suspicious actions.
Fabric and Power BI Development Factory: 4-Week Implementation: Spyglass offers a full-service model for automating business processes, creating data solutions, and generating interactive reports using Microsoft Fabric and Power BI. This implementation leverages agile methodology to quickly develop and deploy solutions including Power BI, Synapse Data Engineering, Synapse Machine Learning, Kusto DB, Power Automate, and Power Apps. 
Fabric Envisioning: 3-Week Implementation: Spyglass's engagement includes envisioning across all dimensions of Microsoft Fabric roll-out, a hands-on Fabric-in-a-day agenda, and a pilot seat to build the first Fabric solution. Deliverables include configuring the on-premises or Vnet data gateway, demonstrating advanced features of Fabric and Power BI, and a Fabric envisioning report and review.
Fabric Solution in 30 Days: 5-Week Implementation: Spyglass will help your organization create a well-governed and architected Microsoft Fabric solution framework for cloud-scale analytics. With prebuilt templates, adoption guidance, governance standards, and development standards, the solution can be up and running quickly. The package includes a toolkit for Fabric solutions that assists with performance efficiency for workload and scale management, as well as a standard framework for governance and adoption of Fabric. 
Fastpath - Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management: 12-Week Implementation: Fastpath provides comprehensive security insights and actionable reporting to investigate access risks effectively using Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution offers documentation for auditors to meet compliance standards. The installation, configuration, testing, and training are part of Phase 1, while Phase 2 involves process design, Phase 3 involves documentation development, and Phase 4 involves governance around the Fastpath solution.
Get AI-Ready with Microsoft 365 Copilot: Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI solution that can be implemented with the help of the Get AI-Ready package from COEM. The package includes four stages of implementation, from understanding AI to deployment and adoption. 
Getting Ready for Microsoft 365 Copilot with Fellowmind: Fellowmind's secure and structured process guides organizations through important decisions and assesses risks and benefits. It showcases potential and increases productivity while understanding data governance policies. By conducting a Copilot pilot, organizations can raise security and data protection standards and have documented lessons learned for future use. 
Infosys - Microsoft 365 Copilot ReadyAssist for Microsoft 365: Infosys's ReadyAssist tool helps assess and prepare your environment for Copilot adoption. It identifies appropriate personas, offers organizational tenant readiness information, and assesses data security readiness. The tool includes features such as tenant evaluator, comprehensive reporting, persona identifier, information risk assessment, and user readiness analyzer.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 2-Hour Workshop: Copilot combines large language models with Microsoft Graph and Microsoft 365 apps to enhance productivity and collaboration. MiCRONOS's session covers integration in Microsoft Viva, Outlook, OneNote, and Teams, inspiring professionals to leverage these tools for enhanced productivity and innovation. Participants will learn how to prepare for Copilot with minimum licensing requirements and a recommended data governance approach.
Kickstart Modernize Communications Workshop.png Kickstart Modernize Communications Workshop: Trans4mation IT's workshop covers network analysis, user analysis, and mapping PBX functions to Microsoft Teams Phone. It also provides insights into existing call devices, call plans, and licensing. The workshop ends with a transition plan to Teams and a proof of concept if necessary. The workshop is in partnership with Vodafone.
Manage Your Data with Microsoft Purview: Microsoft Purview simplifies data management, compliance, and governance for organizations. It offers comprehensive data insights, enhances accessibility, and promotes secure data sharing and collaboration. Collective Insights provides tailored solutions to help organizations win the security battle and embark on an epic journey toward unparalleled data management, fortified security, and triumphant growth.
MDS Microsoft 365 Copilot: 2-Day Readiness Workshop: The Microsoft 365 Copilot workshop offers an interactive engagement to assess an organization's readiness for Microsoft 365 Copilot and AI tools. It provides a personalized plan for implementing Microsoft 365 Copilot scenarios, including technical requirements, stakeholder identification, and a recommended roadmap. Maureen Data Systems' workshop aims to enhance productivity, security, and creativity while seamlessly integrating AI tools into the flow of work.
Microsoft 365 Copilot End User Adoption and Training Materials: Phoenix Software's Copilot workshops provide sector-specific examples, use-cases, and scenarios to boost productivity and collaboration. Workshops can be tailored to each organization's products and use cases. The range of workshops includes instructor-led, video content, infographics, and guides. Session outcomes include a clear vision of changes and an outline of the change management plan.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 3-Week Workshop: Phoenix Software offers a three-week workshop to showcase the value of Copilot and assess your organization's readiness for deployment. The workshop includes an assessment, showcasing the product's capabilities, and a report with recommendations. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot - Reply Compass Framework: 2- to 10-Week Implementation: Reply's offering helps organizations understand, prioritize, and define an actionable roadmap for Copilot scenarios. The offering includes technical assistance, user support, and leadership engagement, with varying levels of support based on the organization's needs. The training and adoption offering encourages successful adoption, while the extensibility model allows for integration with apps and services. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Academy: 4-Month Implementation: Cyclotron's program helps users understand the functionality of Copilot and how to use it in their day-to-day roles. The engagement plan includes tailored communication materials and working sessions to address specific pain points.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Accelerator: 16- to 18-Week Implementation: Innofactor offers support for organizations to implement Copilot. The package includes technical enablement, a completed pilot, and an adoption plan with training and communication. Roll-out support is provided for two weeks.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Accelerator: 12-Week Implementation: Copilot is an AI tool that automates mundane tasks, streamlines processes, and delivers a differentiated customer experience. BDO's Copilot Care+ program helps assess readiness, accelerate deployment, maximize adoption, and ensure the investment is utilized fully. The program includes technical readiness assessment, employee readiness planning, training, and support. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption: Insight's implementation of Copilot includes risk assessment, technical enablement, user adoption, and ROI measurement. Technical enablement includes licensing validation, desktop app requirements, and data migration. Adoption enablement includes customized engagement plans, communication strategies, and training for identified personas. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Deployment: 6-Week Implementation: Core BTS offers Copilot deployment services, including readiness validation, end user training, scenario focus groups, security implementation, and change management. The company ensures best practices are followed to maximize productivity and data security. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Envisioning Workshop: Compugen's workshop helps businesses understand and adopt Copilot. It offers real-world applications, takes a human-centered approach, and prioritizes goals for maximum impact. Benefits include learning about AI, receiving recommendations, engaging demos, and developing a strategic roadmap for practical implementation.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Extensibility Concept: Solvion Information Management will teach you how to extend Copilot with plugins and connectors to integrate your own line of business apps or third-party services. Discover how plugins work, how they can enhance Copilot, and evaluate which use cases are suited for custom plugins. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Fast Start: 3-Week Implementation: Led by Insight's modern work experts, this engagement helps organizations prepare for Copilot. It addresses concerns about ROI, use cases, data access risks, security, privacy, compliance, and end-user adoption. Deliverables include an overview of work performed, assessment results, recommended actions, and roadmaps.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Implementation: CGI will implement Copilot, an AI assistant integrated into Microsoft 365 apps to enhance productivity. The CGI team assesses technical readiness, while business consultants focus on user change management. CGI's experience in large-scale Microsoft 365 deployments ensures seamless integration and adoption. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Kickstarter: 12-Week Engagement: Rapid Circle's Kickstarter engagement helps organizations implement Copilot at scale, establishing AI-powered work foundations and driving consistent use cases. The offer includes strategy workshops, technical configuration, change and adoption activities, and success measurements.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Quick-Start Service: HCLTech offers services to help customers implement Copilot, including a discovery workshop, readiness assessment, and proof-of-concept service. HCLTech delivers end-to-end solutions to make Copilot an integral part of the customer organization, ensuring a successful rollout and reaping the benefits of AI in the workplace. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment: ISOLUTIONS will show you how your organization can streamline collaboration and enhance productivity with seamless integration across applications using Copilot. It automates tasks, creates documents, and provides real-time guidance while preserving individual writing styles. The solution offers content management, change management, security, privacy, technical requirements, licensing management, and updates tracking.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: 2-Hour Assessment: Ultima's Copilot Readiness assessment offers a structured approach to adopting Copilot, including a tailored organization profile, comprehensive evaluation of current usage, and data security assessment. The service aligns with Microsoft's guidelines and provides actionable recommendations to maximize the benefits of Copilot.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: 2-Day Workshop: Copilot is an AI assistant that provides real-time intelligent assistance to enhance creativity, productivity, and skills. It works alongside Microsoft 365 apps and can be integrated with Power Platform, Viva, and security services. Rapid Circle's workshop helps organizations establish healthy guardrails for AI use and prioritize scenarios where AI can drive the biggest impacts.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption and Change Management: Crayon's change management service helps companies transition to Copilot with tailored user adoption strategies, custom training programs, and resistance management. Crayon creates a sustainable change environment to optimize productivity and performance.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Advisory: Crayon's AI Advisory guides organizations in adopting Copilot., focusing on AI as a catalyst for growth, responsible AI, adoption and change, scenario analysis and implementation, readiness assessment, license readiness, and live demos. The journey involves thoughtful planning, adaptability, and a guided experience.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Extensibility Solutions: Crayon's Extensibility Solutions enhance the AI capabilities of Copilot for global businesses while adhering to cloud security principles. Services include assessment, implementation, and validation and adoption, leveraging generative AI technology. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Technical Readiness: Crayon offers technical readiness assessment and preparation services for Copilot, including migration, archiving, data governance, and security assessment. Copilot guides users through necessary steps to ensure optimal security and efficiency for implementation at scale.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Takeoff: 2-Week Implementation: Insight's service helps organizations integrate Copilot into their workflows, teams, and other business data, apps, and services. The service provides end-user adoption, change management, and onboarding resources to ensure successful use from day one. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop: Softcat's workshop helps organizations with their Microsoft AI readiness, including licensing and deployment of existing solutions. The workshop covers Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise, and Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11, and it includes a roadmap building and prioritization session. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop: Presented by adaQuest, this workshop helps organizations assess their needs, prioritize Copilot scenarios, and define an actionable roadmap. It identifies high-value scenarios across creativity, productivity, and skilling, showcases real-world scenarios. The outcome provides a plan for Copilot that includes a summary of workshop findings, recommendations for implementation, potential risks, recommended pilot and adoption approach, and a roadmap with proposed next steps.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop: Integrity Partners workshop provides analysis of current environments, defines usage scenarios, and creates adoption plans for Copilot. The workshop covers Microsoft's approach to responsible AI, technical requirements, and recommended development plans. The result is a document with implementation recommendations, potential risks, and proposed action plans. This offer is available in Poland.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 5-Day Workshop: CDW's Copilot workshop provides an interactive engagement to understand the big picture of Copilot and plan next steps. It offers an overview of Microsoft's approach to responsible AI, identifies up to three best opportunities for effective use cases, and provides a high-level roadmap for the next steps. The workshop is tailored for organizations exploring the value of Copilot, bringing together key contributors from different functional groups.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop: Copilot is a powerful productivity tool that helps organizations unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and level up skills. This workshop from Innofactor provides an introduction to Copilot, prioritized business scenarios, recommended preparation, and a roadmap with clear next steps.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 2-Day Workshop: The Core BTS Copilot Workshop teaches how Copilot can enhance employee experience and productivity. It covers readiness assessment, showcases Copilot's features, and helps develop a plan for implementation. Outcomes include a clear vision, prioritized scenarios, and an actionable implementation plan.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 3-Day Workshop: This Bytes Software Solutions workshop assesses an organization's readiness for Copilot, educates on its potential, and establishes a deployment plan. Day 1 benchmarks the environment, Day 2 presents demos and prompts discussion, and Day 3 maps challenges to personas to prioritize scenarios for rollout.
Microsoft 365 Copilot: 6- to 8-Week Envisioning and Proof of Concept: Copilot uses generative AI to improve workplace productivity. Cognizant offers an immersive experience to identify key personas and processes that can be reimagined with Copilot. The engagement includes workshops, POC selection, configuration, deployment, and business value assessment. 
Microsoft 365 Copilot Deployment: Copilot helps users avoid starting from scratch when creating documents, slides, and emails. Cognizant offers an end-to-end suite of services to deploy Copilot, including readiness assessment, configuration, security, compliance, adoption, and training. 
Microsoft 365 Defender Attack Simulation: 4-Week Deployment: This tool from Overcast allows security administrators to test the effectiveness of their security policies against different types of cyberattacks. It provides detailed reports on simulation results and recommended corrective actions. The Overcast team offers technical support and training for administrators. 
Microsoft 365 Security Beyond: 1-Month Implementation: This service from IT Partner configures Microsoft 365 security features for small and large organizations across various industries. It performs core configurations, checks security scores, enforces threat protection, and conducts attack simulations. 
Microsoft 365 Security: 30-Day Implementation: This IT Partner service configures Microsoft 365 security features for small and large organizations across various industries. The IT Partner team assesses business needs and tailors endpoint solutions to the company's size, business model, and regulatory environment. The service includes core configuration of Microsoft 365 tenant, threat protection, and Microsoft Entra ID Identity Protection. The success criteria include a security score of 75 percent, validated threat protection and identity/access management settings, and configured Microsoft Teams protection. 
Microsoft 365 Security: 90-Day Implementation: This service offers a secure and cost-effective way to set up a basic Microsoft 365 security environment. The IT Partner team assesses your business needs and configures core security features, including endpoint detection and response. IT Partner also provides ongoing check-ups and implements updates. Success criteria include a security score of 75 percent, validated threat protection and identity/access management settings, and configured Microsoft Teams protection. 
Microsoft Copilot Data Security: 5-Day Workshop: Copilot requires data classifications, labelling, and loss prevention (DLP) to ensure sensitive information is not shared outside the business. This workshop from Bytes Software Services includes hosting a session with stakeholders, reviewing classifications, creating custom classifications, testing, and creating DLP policies. This ensures protection of sensitive information, compliance, intellectual property, data encryption, user authentication, and reduced risk of data leaving the organization.
Microsoft Copilot Zero Trust: 3-Day Workshop: Bytes Software Services offers a zero-trust approach with Copilot to protect people, devices, apps, and data. This includes MFA, identifying application access, and device identification. Bytes provides expert advice and support remotely or in person. Its consultancy-led approach delivers innovative and relevant security solutions.
Microsoft Security Threat Protection: 4-Week Workshop: Tech One Global Philippines offers its Threat Protection Workshop to help organizations stay ahead of cyberthreats. The workshop provides tailored solutions, a proactive approach, and expert guidance to mitigate potential risks. It includes a structured approach with phases such as scoping, data collection, and report generation. Microsoft 365 services are leveraged throughout the process to ensure the latest threat detection and response capabilities. The workshop is designed to fortify cybersecurity defenses and safeguard digital assets.
Migrate to Microsoft 365: C1st Technologies' solution addresses productivity issues such as communication, data fragmentation, security concerns, and inefficient workflows. Migrate to Microsoft 365 offers assessment, planning, customization, migration services, security enhancement, training, adoption, and post-migration support. The engagement is designed for decision-makers such as CIOs, CISOs, business decision-makers, IT directors, IT architects, and IT administrators. C1st Technologies excels in IT security with expertise, innovation, and a commitment to safeguarding organizations.
NextGen Endpoints: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This solution from Overcast uses AI, machine learning, and network and device security integration to provide comprehensive protection against advanced threats. It allows organizations to evaluate performance, compatibility, and impact on system resources before large-scale deployment. The Overcast team offers POC to support customers in deploying and protecting endpoints for hybrid users using Microsoft 365 security, compliance, identity, and management technologies.
Pilot with Microsoft 365 Copilot: InSpark offers a pilot program for managing and assigning licenses, with Prosci certified change management consultants and adoption accelerators. InSpark provides AI training and a toolkit for different user groups. An evaluation report is included.
Power BI Implementation by Minsait: Microsoft Power BI is used to develop and visualize business metrics, with a focus on user experience. The Minsait methodology includes incremental deliveries, mock-up approval, training, and success stories. Features include automatic distribution, mobility, security, export and paginated reports, R and Python integration, web portals, and alert management.
Qlik to Power BI Migration: 4-Week Automated Implementation: Axis Vortex uses AI and automation to migrate Qlik solutions to Microsoft Power BI with 70 percent less effort, maintaining UI fidelity and accurately converting data. The platform accelerates time-to-value by automating front-end and back-end migration of BI applications, and offers technical acumen, business know-how, and analytics vision. Tasks include AI-powered conversion of complex Qlik measures to DAX, creating flawless Power BI objects, and generating Power BI datasets with tables, fields, relationships, and measures intact. 
Reports in Power BI: UPBI's Microsoft Power BI Reporting Services offer a comprehensive solution to transform data into visually appealing and actionable information. The service includes customized reports, interactive dashboards, data source integration, advanced data analysis, automatic scheduling and updates, personalized training, and continuous support. The service empowers businesses to make informed decisions, identify improvement opportunities, and communicate strategies effectively. Contact the service provider to discover how Power BI Reporting Services can boost your organization's success.
Responsible and Ethical AI: 3-Hour Workshop: This Phoenix Software workshop teaches the eight core principles of AI development and deployment: integrity, fairness, safety, transparency, privacy, environmental responsibility, continuous advancement, and customer-centricity. The three-hour interactive session aims to empower participants with practical knowledge to integrate these principles into their AI endeavors and policies. The workshop is advantageous for anyone using AI, including Microsoft 365 Copilot users.
Securing Microsoft 365 According to Best Practice: 2-Month Implementation: IT Partner offers expertise and guidance to implement endpoint detection and response in Microsoft 365 for Business, boosting productivity, improving security, and reducing costs. The project includes setting up multi-factor authentication, protecting admin accounts, using preset security policies, deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and training users.
SecWise Dataguard for Microsoft 365 Copilot: 3-Week Implementation: SecWise Dataguard extends Copilot security, compliance, and privacy policies to protect data within the tenant and enforce strict protocols. The activation process helps discover, classify, and protect sensitive information with features such as data classification, security policies, encryption, and insider risk management. SecWide Dataguard jump-starts configurations based on best practices, accelerates implementation, and offers immediate added value. 
Self-Service Inventory: 3-Day Implementation and Deployment: Self-Service Inventory (SSI) from Future Processing is a solution that verifies assets assigned to employees by getting data from the inventory system. Employees can confirm or reject the list of assets, and rejected responses are sent as tickets to the help desk system. SSI comes with prepared Microsoft Power Automate flows and GLPI support. Integration with the inventory system is available upon request.
Teams Phone Pilot: Delphi Consulting offers Microsoft Teams direct routing, allowing users to use their current phone numbers within the Teams Phone system. This solution connects telecom voice trunks directly to Microsoft 365, enabling people to make and receive calls. Delphi Consulting's voice engineers can assist in assessing, designing, planning, migrating, and implementing Teams calling solutions.
Threat Protection Attack Simulation: 2-Week Workshop for Finance: Tech One Global Philippines offers this workshop for the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industries. The workshop provides a proactive defense strategy, simulating real-world attack scenarios to bolster security posture. The workshop is industry-centric, hands-on, and tailored to your organization's unique challenges and objectives. The workshop is delivered through a comprehensive approach that uses Microsoft 365 services and includes a report generation and interactive workshop.
Threat Protection Attack Simulation: 2-Week Workshop for Government: Tech One Global Philippines offers this workshop for government institutions to address sector-specific risks and compliance requirements. The workshop includes a comprehensive approach with phases such as pre-engagement call, scoping, attack simulation, and report generation. Microsoft 365 services are used throughout the process to provide the latest threat detection and response capabilities. The workshop aims to fortify cybersecurity defenses and mitigate potential threats.
Threat Protection Attack Simulation: 2-Week Workshop for Healthcare: Tech One Global Philippines offers this workshop for the healthcare industry. The workshop provides hands-on experience in identifying, mitigating, and responding to advanced cyberthreats. The workshop is tailored to align with an organization's unique challenges and objectives. Microsoft 365 services are leveraged throughout the workshop to ensure the latest threat detection and response capabilities. The workshop includes a comprehensive approach that combines education, proactive measures, and Microsoft 365 services to safeguard an organization's digital assets.
Unleash a Whole New Way of Working with Microsoft 365 Copilot: Capgemini offers a transformation journey to derive business value from Copilot, including strategy formulation, technical assessment, adoption promotion, and large-scale deployment with enterprise-wide integration. Custom generative AI capabilities are also available. 
Microsoft Power Automate Intelligent Automation: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop uses the Microsoft Catalyst framework to guide organizations through digital transformation. Design thinking methods are used to identify opportunities for implementing Microsoft Power Platform, with a focus on Microsoft Power Automate. The hands-on approach creates concrete solutions that make work easier and more efficient, leading to further digital transformation. Deliverables include insights and implementation options for using Power Automate to create automated processes that meet customer needs, as well as a prototype for an automated process specific to the organization. This offer is available in The Netherlands.
Azure Virtual Desktop: 5-Day Implementation: Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a cloud-based desktop virtualization service and application that integrates and manages components for providing remote desktops and applications. It offers licenses for using and accessing the OS, minimizing the overall price of the solution. IT Partner provides consultation on technical issues related to the work of WVD, while clients coordinate resources and staff schedules. Users can connect to WVD using Microsoft Windows client, web client, iOS, and Android apps.
Getting Started with ESG Reporting Workshop: The Microsoft Sustainability Manager helps companies tackle ESG reporting challenges such as data integration and dashboard creation. T-Systems offers expertise in implementing the solution, including data quality and process integration. Microsoft Power Apps can aid in creating sustainability reports efficiently. T-Systems offers an information workshop to identify challenges, provide information on the Microsoft Sustainability Manager, and recommend next steps. The workshop is for finance, GF, IT managers, and departments. 

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Empowered Business Central for Wholesale and Distribution
Epiq Delivery: The Microsoft Data Security Engagement
Epiq Flex IG Talent for Microsoft Purview
Essence Automated Invoicing
EX Managed Services - Essentials
EX Managed Services - Premium
Export and Attach Dynamics 365 CRM Reports/Documents Templates to Email - Click2Export
FactoryTalk Data
Finmatics Autonomous Accounting
FortiAnalyzer as a Service - Hosted by FirstNet
GenRay Explorer
gevis ERP VEO Shopware
Healthcare Access for State Government
HIT Communications
iGenius Italia
Italian Electronic Invoicing
Knights Analytics
knkMedia B2B Distribution
LIDD Mandatory Field Control
ListBurst Charts & Dashboards
Local Functionality for LS Central (Sweden)
MHS Assessment Insights
Microsoft 365 Copilot: Initial Environment Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot Assessment: 3-Session Workshop
Microsoft 365 Copilot Discover and Envision Session
Microsoft 365 Copilot End User Readiness: 4-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot Launchpad: 3-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: 8-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: 2-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Day
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness: 2-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot Tenant Readiness Assessment
Microsoft 365 Copilot-in-a-Week: 1-Week Briefing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Iterative Security: 12-Week Assessment
NAVBI Finance Analysis
NAVBI Inventory Analysis
NCRC Recurring Contracts
NIVY Watch for Business Central
Overview by Frameable
Power Platform Delivery Model: 1-Day Assessment
Power Platform Maturity Assessment and Roadmap
Print-It with NiceLabel
Print-Mailing Automation (PMA) by Reply and Deutsche Post AG
ProE-SCM 365 3PL Connector
Project Manufacturing
R2 Copilot: Private ChatGPT
R2 Copilot: Private ChatGPT for Excel
Roadmap to Modern Collaboration - 3-Day Assessment
Rose Donut Pie Chart by Powerviz
Scaptify Plus
Scenera MAIstro SaaS
SigningCloud eSign
SMART Employee Self-Service
Snowflake Platform Monitoring
SOPHiA GENETICS Biopharma Solutions
Spirion Enhanced Analytics (SEA)
Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher
SQL Server Migration to Azure
Stibo Systems Supplier MDM
Swisscom Readiness for Microsoft 365 Copilot: 3-Day Assessment
Sysero Workflow & Document Automation
triiyo ONE
Uplevel SaaS
Upselling and Spares
Administrative Process Management: 6-Week Assessment
Whistle 365
Worklogs Sync to Tempo


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