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In this post collected from, the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem welcomes 112 new offers.

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Advanced People Directory: Advanced People Directory is a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) webpart designed to display people information from across your organization. The webpart lets you search by multiple attributes and return basic information, linked documents, and an organization chart.


Agile Retail Analytics Dashboards on Power BI: Agile Analytics Retail dashboards use Microsoft Power BI and Azure services to centralize data from financial, operational, and other business areas and deliver insights into product performance, sales growth, and more.

B2BTelecomSalesandProspectingDashboardforSchoolsandLibraries.png B2B Telecom Sales and Prospecting Dashboard for Schools and Libraries: WCG’s FCC Form 471 dashboard, built on Microsoft Power BI, provides a comprehensive view of telecom contracts and pricing for schools and libraries.

Commerce 365 for EasyPost: NVision’s Commerce 365 for EasyPost integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with EasyPost, simplifying shipping. The API lets you quickly connect with over 100 carriers, automatically create shipments, and support high volumes through batch processing.


Commerce 365 for EasyPost - Tasklet Mobile WMS Module: NVision’s Commerce 365 for EasyPost - Tasklet Mobile WMS app lets EasyPost users create and request carrier labels using Mobile WMS without needing to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Commerce 365 for Sendcloud - Tasklet Mobile WMS Module: NVision’s Commerce 365 for Sendcloud - Tasklet Mobile WMS app lets Sendcloud users create and request carrier labels using Mobile WMS without needing to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Custom Defined Fields for Purchase Requests: The Custom Defined Fields for Purchase Requests app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to add up to 32 custom fields in different cards belonging to purchase requests.


Design Engine App for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Design Engine lets you simplify ERP for employees working in production and logistics environments with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Employees can easily access ERP data, simplify goods handling, and more.


Dynasoft Friendly Banking: Automate banking operations, get real-time statement imports, and eliminate manual tasks with the Dynasoft Friendly Banking app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This app is available in English and Spanish.


Easy Item Tracking for Good Looking Documents: Fenwick’s Easy Item Tracking connector extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Good Looking Documents, and Easy Item Tracking to add item tracking information from Good Looking Documents to reports.


Inventory Shelf Life: Available in French and English, the Inventory Shelf Life app by FoodCloudPlus lets you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to easily create and assign controls to customers and items. Food manufacturers and distributors can reduce the risk of returned products and unhappy customers.


Item Restriction Management: Available in Traditional Chinese and English, Item Restriction for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you block the sale of certain items to specific customers and regions based on trade agreements, internal rules, and more.


Job Queue Manager: The Job Queue Manager app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to run job queue entries in a specific order and email their status. This app is available in English and Dutch.


Kani Payments Reporting and Reconciliation: Kani is a Microsoft Azure-based reporting and reconciliation platform designed to help finance technology and payments companies automate back-office tasks such as reconciliation, reporting, and compliance enforcement.


Meeteo: Improve Your Microsoft Teams Meetings: Available in French, Meeteo is available as software as a service combined with an add-in for Microsoft Teams, delivering advice before, during, and after meetings through the provision of agendas, surveys, participant lists, and more.


Navitec Digitoo Bridge: Available only in Czech, Navitec Digitoo Bridge integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Digitoo, allowing you to transfer purchase documents and extracted metadata from them into Dynamics 365.


NCVV VAT Registration Number Validation: Available in German and English for Austria, the NCVV VAT Registration No. Validation app helps you maintain master data for customers, debtors, and creditors in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Notify User: The Notify User app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to assign a user to notify while saving a note for any record, such as customer cards and sales orders.


Over Shipping: Available in French and English, the Over Shipping app by FoodCloudPlus enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, letting you set and control tolerance percentages for items, customers, and combined levels, allowing for greater customization and control.


Pazo: Pazo is mobile-first operations management platform for retail and frontline workforces. Available as software as a service, Pazo lets you ensure all tasks, audits, and inspections are compliant.


Powerblox Advanced Pricing and Discounts: The Powerblox Advanced Pricing and Discounts app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you manage prices and reductions, create discount groups for customers, and always have a clear overview of your margins.


Powerblox Inbound Logistics: The Powerblox Inbound Logistics app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you set advanced warehouse functions. The app lets you manage incoming tracks per gate, manage stock at logistic unit levels, manage outgoing logistics processes, and more.


ProE-SCM 365 Workflow: Available in German and English, YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 Workflow enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to simplify management of customer credit, automate system actions, control processes, and more.


Quality Inspector: Quality Inspector by Insight Works is a comprehensive quality control app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The customizable entry forms and multiple inspection types enhance product quality, reduce costs, and help maintain compliance.


Rillion Connect: Rillion Connect streamlines invoice approval processes for purchase orders (POs) and non-POs by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Rillion invoice automation platform. Reduce invoice processing costs and speed accounts payable approval times.


Safe & Smart Audit Management Software: The Safe & Smart Audit Management System is designed to automate various operations and enhance your audit department. The software as a service solution streamlines processes, facilitates collaboration with external auditors, improves internal controls, and more.


Safe & Smart Core Insurance System: The Safe & Smart Core Insurance System provides integrated functionality for processing and delivering insurance products. The software as a service solution was designed for a range of insurance industry users and addresses the need for a streamlined and efficient insurance management system.


Sales Stage Tracker for Dynamics 365: The Sales Stage Tracker app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you record and analyze time spent in each stage of a sales opportunity. The app helps you identify and optimize slowdowns, shortening time to close, increasing revenue, and enhancing efficiency.


Share-Effect Flow Connector: The Share-Effect Flow Connector lets you manage terms in Microsoft 365 as part of your organization-wide enterprise content management strategy. Sync terms with entities from ERP and CRM systems, tag documents, and automate business processes in SharePoint Online.


TAPP for GoCardless on Dynamics 365 Business Central: Bluefort’s TAPP for GoCardless enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and GoCardless, enabling no-touch direct debit payments and payment automation, increasing the efficiency of your invoicing and payment collection.


Temporary Traffic Management: Road Direct’s eBoard temporary traffic management (TTM) software lets you view all job books from any device and location. The Microsoft Azure-based solution includes team management, time recording, and equipment tracking,


Wise Card: Available in Icelandic and English, Wise Card enables users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to fetch credit card entries for corporate purchasing cards from Valitor and Rapyd. This app is available in Iceland.


Workshop Employee Communications Webpart for SharePoint: The Workshop webpart lets you add feeds to your Microsoft SharePoint site from Workshop, an employee communications platform for human resources, public relations, and internal communications professionals.

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Catalyst Envisioning Workshop for Annata 365: Fellowmind will help you discover the potential gains to be realized by implementing Annata 365, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Learn how Microsoft and Annata can accelerate your digital transformation.


Collaboration on Microsoft 365: 6-Week Implementation: Available only in Japanese, Hitachi will deliver information sharing, document management, collaborative content creation, video conference, and real-time communication through cloud services built on Microsoft 365.


Complete MXDR Powered by Microsoft Sentinel: KiZAN will help you rapidly improve your security posture and protect against cybersecurity threats by implementing and continuously monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents by using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.


Crayon Voice Services Powered by Microsoft Teams: 12- to 14-Week Implementation: Crayon will guide you through all phases of your Microsoft Teams Voice project to save you time, simplify administration, and ensure compliance with audit requirements.


Data & Analytics: Using a mesh concept, Concurrency will help you define a modern data framework, understand priority initiatives, and accelerate data outcomes with an accessible and governed data estate built on Microsoft Power BI.


Databricks on Azure: 1-Week Training: DEX Consulting will show you how to use Microsoft Azure Databricks for data cleaning, processing, and workflows. The session covers how to use Databricks for collaboration on Microsoft 365 and integration with the Microsoft Power Platform.


Databricks on Azure: 4-Week Assessment: DEX Consulting will analyze your current data environment and identify how you can use Microsoft Azure Databricks to improve your data cleaning, processing, and workflows. This session covers options to improve existing Databricks instances or migrate to a new system.


Databricks on Azure: 4-Week Implementation: DEX Consulting will implement Microsoft Azure Databricks according to your needs. This offer includes analysis of current data systems, design and construction of functional workflows, integration, testing, go-live support, and maintenance.


Digital Workspace Provisioning - Setup Consult: Ascend Technologies will help you simplify user setup and onboarding, improve security, and maintain Windows consistency throughout your organization by implementing its Zero-Touch Laptop Provisioning.


DX Human Resources Development: 1-Month Training: Available only in Japanese, Fixer’s DX Small Starter Kit is an intensive training service for human resources developers. Learn how citizen developers can use the Microsoft Power Platform to further human resources strategy.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service: 3-Month Implementation: AW will optimize your business processes by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This offer includes project planning, analysis of your requirements, dedicated training, and more available in Spanish.


GDPR Data Anonymization Function: MS POS Poland will implement its solution, built on the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365, to ensure that your company is compliant with the GDPR right to be forgotten. The solution enables data obfuscation and anonymization.


Google Workspace to Microsoft 365: Migration: Vistas Cloud will migrate your emails, contacts, calendars, and documents from Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) to Microsoft 365. This offer includes Microsoft 365 configuration, administrator training, and post-migration support.


Intelligent Migration to Microsoft 365: Innovative Driven's Intelligent Migration services help you realize a modern, secure, and collaborative solution built on Microsoft 365. Migrate your file share content to Microsoft 365 and gain greater insights into your data while lowering risk.


KPMG Employee Experience Enabled by Microsoft Viva: Drawing on its experience with customer relationship management and consulting, KPMG will design and implement an employee experience solution on Microsoft Viva that incorporates key elements from Microsoft 365 to increase employee productivity.


Live Chat and Bot Services on Dynamics 365: 5-Day Implementation: Adastra will review your current environment including integrations, customizations, and business processes, then configure live chat and bot services on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing: 12-Week Implementation: MISSION CRM’s MIYM (Make It Your MISSION) implementation uses a phased approach to help your nonprofit launch a complete solution built on Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and Dynamics 365 Marketing.


Microsoft Viva Connections: 6-Week Implementation: Persistent will build a one-stop employee gateway on Microsoft Viva Connections to enhance your employee engagement, improve communications, foster meaningful relationships, and make accessible relevant communications, communities, and tools.


OpenAI and the Power Platform: 1-Week Training: Designed for people who lack extensive experience with artificial intelligence (AI), DEX Consulting’s training will show you how to use the Microsoft Power Platform, Azure AI services, and OpenAI models together.


OpenAI and the Power Platform: 4-Week Assessment: DEX Consulting will analyze your current environment, design a solution, and deliver an execution plan to enhance your organization’s processes through the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities combined with the Microsoft Power Platform and OpenAI.


Protect and Govern Sensitive Data for Financial Services: 4-Week Workshop: Protiviti will help you understand, discover, and assess data in your Microsoft 365 environment. Mitigate privacy and regulatory risks and accelerate your compliance journey with Microsoft Purview.


Res@Place: 2-Week Pilot: Neos-SDI will implement Res@Place, its solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform to manage office space reservations and contact tracing. This solution is available only in French.


SSC Endpoint Management with Security Workshop: SCC will help you understand how Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint can manage and secure user devices, apps, and identities.


Teams Voice: Implementation: Connection will help you replace your legacy PBX system with Microsoft Teams Voice. This offer includes a network readiness assessment, phone system design, number porting, feature configuration, and more.


UNITE: Secure Core_: Implementation: Infinity Group will implement its UNITE: Secure Core_ to simplify management of your security infrastructure via Microsoft Defender for Business. Get proactive monitoring, updates, and protection for your business identities, applications, devices, and data.


Viva Employee Experience 1-Hour Workshop: NewTech will show you how Microsoft Viva apps can increase employee communication and engagement, align organizational areas, and grow employee skills. You will also learn about what already is included in your current Microsoft 365 license.

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ABILITY.Connect for ELO
Axians Office Booking
Bank Management Software
BIT Cloud
BIT Hyper Automation
BSS.Service for Dynamics 365 Business Central
Call Queue Extended for Microsoft Teams
Couriers Integration Base
Data Security: 5-Day Assessment
Dynamics 365: 1-Week-Assessment
Dynamics 365 Business Central: 2-Week Assessment
Dynamics 365 Health Check: 4-Week Assessment
Dynamics 365 Project Operations: 4-Hour Assessment
Electronic Payment Processing
ERP Modernization on Dynamics 365 Business Central: 1-Day Assessment
Exotel Cloud Contact Center - Ameyo XTRM
FAN Courier Integration
Global Managed Service for Azure and Dynamics 365: 1-Day Assessment
KSV1870 Integration for Dynamics 365
Licensing Product on the Power Platform
Lumos 365 Joint Venture
MazikCare Care Planner
MES - Shop Floor Barcode Data Collection
Microsoft 365 Security: 3-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Security Posture: 10-Day Assessment
Microsoft 365 Security Review: 1-Week Assessment
Microsoft 365 Tenant Health Check
Migration to Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: 3-Week Assessment
MNP 311 Technology and Dynamics 365: Assessment
Modern Workplace for Healthcare: 4-Week Assessment
Optimize Microsoft 365: 1-Week Assessment
Phonebook App
ploydo for Microsoft Teams
Power Plant Maintenance
Power Platform and Enterprise Maturity: 3-Week Assessment
Risk Assessment Service: 3-Month Evaluation Quality Inspection for Manufacturing
Singular Real Estate
Swirl Metasearch
Swisscom Mobile Telephony for Microsoft Teams
Tableau Metadata Accelerator to Power BI: 4-Week Migration Assessment
Teams Rapid Readiness: 3-Day Assessment
TeamSystem HR
Topo Solutions - Supply Chain Management Platform
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
WiseFish Norway Customs Link
Wove Platform
XCCommerce Promotion Management and Execution


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