Multichain 2.0 is now available on Azure
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Multichain 2.0 is now generally available on Azure Marketplace. MultiChain Coin Sciences – the inventor of MultiChain technology - offers a new MultiChain 2.0 Community with support template via the Azure Marketplace. This template is suitable for companies wishing to run their own MultiChain Community node, with a support contract and without the hassle and complication of managing it on-premises.


MultiChain is one of the permissioned blockchain technologies and you can read more about the origins of it in this whitepaper. If you are wondering for what use cases does Multichain make sense, then visit this Multichain blog to get more details on some of the permissioned enterprise networks built on Multichain which are in production. MultiChain is particularly well suited for large scale (>1 billion entries) general data applications, since this makes it different from many other platforms which focus on providing asset/token ledgers.


Multichain template on Azure helps the customers to deploy Multichain node in few simple clicks with all the much-required customization like

Multichain configurationMultichain configuration


Alongside a pre-installed version of MultiChain 2 Community, the template also includes a secure https proxy and web-based dashboard for ease of management and integration with secure applications.

The dashboard provides the following value-added features:

    • Server health monitoring (CPU/memory/disk).
    • Node health monitoring (memory pool, wallet bloat).
    • Blockchain health monitoring (block size limit).
    • Node daemon stopping and starting.
    • Optional checking, downloading, and upgrading to latest MultiChain Community version.

What customers are saying

“SAP is very pleased about MultiChain going live on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

MultiChain on Azure provides a lot of flexibility regarding the underlying hardware configuration, the availability of many regions around the globe as well as the vast configurability options of MultiChain itself. Bundled with direct support from Coin Sciences and the reliable infrastructure of Microsoft, this forms a perfect offering for enterprise use cases – Alexander Gehres, Development Lead - SAP.”


Next steps

If you are developer, then visit Multichain for developers to learn more about Multichain.

Get started with your Multichain deployment today leveraging Multichain 2.0 Community Azure Marketplace template.

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