Hive Streaming and Data Dynamics offer new transactable partner solutions in Azure Marketplace
Published Nov 07 2023 06:00 AM 920 Views

Microsoft partners like Hive Streaming and Data Dynamics deliver transact-capable offers, which allow you to purchase directly from Azure Marketplace. Learn about these offers below:


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Hive Streaming Standard: Hive Streaming's innovative video experience products help organizations achieve the highest streaming quality while efficiently offloading the corporate network. The standard plan includes out-of-the-box, self-learning video optimization software (Hive eCDN), as well as technical insights and troubleshooting information to enhance viewer experience for each internal video communications event.


Hive Streaming Standard+: In addition to all the functionality of the standard plan, this offer by Hive Streaming includes enhanced and actionable analytics featuring unique insights into video performance, viewer experience, and engagement. See how your video content is performing over time across different devices, browsers, and platforms, and get a more comprehensive view of your global employee audience.


Hive Streaming Enterprise Plan: This plan includes advanced video experience and network capabilities for complex live video events with real-time monitoring of your enterprise's network and broadcasting infrastructure. You will have access to unlimited employee views, the ability to pressure-test your network and the entire video infrastructure chain to secure events, as well as granular insights into your video content performance over time.


Hive Streaming Single Event: This plan gives you the opportunity to run a single, impeccably executed internal live video event utilizing some of Hive’s most powerful video experience and network optimization technology. This plan offers support with deployment and activation for a highly resource-efficient event stream that removes almost all network load, as well as a follow-up call to review event analytics. Pricing is based on event size.

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Data Dynamics StorageX Migration: StorageX, an award-winning unstructured data migration solution by Data Dynamics, offers automated policy-based data migration. This software facilitates effortless data center migration and consolidation, cloud data migration, and storage optimization, ensuring intelligent, fast, and secure petabyte-scale unstructured data migrations. 

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