Customer review: Trivia increases morale and promotes communication across teams
Published Aug 14 2023 05:00 AM 844 Views

Trivia, an app published to Microsoft AppSource, builds camaraderie, collaboration, and connections among teammates at work, right inside Microsoft Teams. With it, employees across an entire company can play trivia, spark conversations, and bond during five-minute social breaks at work.


Microsoft AppSource interviewed Stephanie Pedro, People Operations Manager at Caresfield, to learn why she recommends Trivia.


What do you like best about Trivia?

Trivia makes it very easy for us to take a break from work, play some games, and interact with other teammates. We like the fact that our people can take small mental breaks amidst a busy long day and have fun while doing so. The fact that it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams means we don’t have to look for another app or download anything else. We like the games and the engagement. Trivia is beneficial for human resources departments seeking unique ways to engage employees and build an employee-centric culture.


How has Trivia helped your organization?
We’re an employee-centric organization and employee engagement is one of the top goals for us. Organizing activities, getting employees interested, and engaging them regularly can be tough. Trivia helped us automate this part of the process; we can schedule the games and let the solution take over. It saves us time and effort and ensures our employee engagement runs on autopilot. The dashboard gives an in-depth view of the engagement analytics, and we can see which games are popular and how people are enjoying them. Trivia ticked a lot of boxes for us as an employee engagement tool.

How is customer service and support for Trivia?
Customer service has been very quick to respond and easy to work with. We’ve only run into a few instances where we had a need to reach out, and they’ve always been able to help us in a timely manner.

Any recommendations or insights to other users considering this product?
If you’re a small to medium-sized business, Trivia would be a great tool for you to use to engage your teams and increase morale. It’s a great way for people across the organization who normally don’t interact, to be able to see one another.

What is your overall rating for this product?
I would rate Trivia a 4, only because we’ve had a few technical issues along the way.


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