Customer review: Tartabit IoT Bridge enabled us to deliver faster to our customers
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Organizations in every industry and sector are rethinking how business is done by evolving processes and products to meet new employee and customer needs. Envision being able to centrally manage equipment through low-power devices that connect legacy equipment and deliver data to Azure IoT over any protocol. Imagine modernizing how equipment is monitored and managed by using small IoT devices, instead of replacing all your infrastructure.


Tartabit IoT Bridge, a solution published to Azure Marketplace, is a complementary IoT service that extends Microsoft Azure IoT to support devices that use protocols not natively supported by Azure IoT, such as low-power wide area network (LPWAN), LightweightM2M (LWM2M), and CoAP. With Tartabit IoT Bridge, developers can rapidly integrate low-power, low-bandwidth devices into their Azure IoT-centric solutions. The low-code, no-code solution provides bi-directional options for use with Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, Azure Event Hub, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Microsoft interviewed Sigurdur Hjalmarsson, CEO at Taggr A/B, to learn what he had to say about the solution.


What do you like best about Tartabit?

Installation was painless. You just provision the devices, and they appear in Azure IoT.


We operate in the market for constrained IoT devices. These are small, battery-powered, very versatile, and efficient devices that connect legacy equipment to Azure IoT. Constrained IoT devices use network protocols and legacy protocols not natively supported by Microsoft Azure. We needed to communicate with many different types of networks.


Tartabit IoT Bridge solved our problem, and we can now focus on delivering faster to our customers. Tartabit IoT Bridge helps our devices talk to Azure IoT over any network.


How has the service helped your organization?

It straight out solves the problem of simplifying getting data from devices into Azure IoT across different networks. It is both flexible and simple to use.


Not a lot of companies pay attention to this network IoT issue. This product fills in the exact gap.


How is customer service and support for Tartabit?

Service is exceptional. We are in Europe, and when we have a problem and report it, they get on it right away and it is solved by mid-day. I wish my organization worked like that.


Any recommendations to other users considering this product?

I would recommend Tartabit IoT Bridge to any Azure customer who needs to connect various legacy devices and deliver data into Azure IoT over different protocols. Tartabit can easily turn any second-class protocols into first-class protocols.


What is your overall rating for this product?

4.5 out of 5 stars.


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